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    Hamster Wheels

    Look M&M you're either with the fitties or the fatties and we don't accept fitties into our ranks. You can't have a foot in each camp buddy. So what's it gonna be?
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    Dude with the hat is thinking 'Hang on this sounds exactly like that song I wrote with my Sitar in 89'
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    David Attenborough looking for the elusive Crack Bats?
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    My MLP ads cover a wide range of stuff.

    Well will ya take a look at the size of those nuts...... on that workbench.
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    My GAS is getting out of hand

    My last gas attack mid year was only a minor episode that resulted in half a dozen new pedals I played around with maybe 3 or 4 times and haven't touched since.... I started feeling a serious attack coming on just yesterday checking out some Collings City Limits on Reverb.... I fought it off by...
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    When Karens Attack: No Soup For You

    So the soup's hot, just let it cool fool.
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    The Truth About North Korea

    Cut Kim some slack, he has big boots to fill.....
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    Be aware of UPS!!

    Damn that just sucks. On the bright side I hear they are now recruiting to iron out the gender imbalance...
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    Whenever I need some inspiration.....

    Soothsayer blows me away every time. I play it loud so the neighbours think it's me ;)
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    What movie has the best soundtrack?

    Let us not forget Paris Texas....great film, great soundtrack...
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    October BTOTM (pumpkin spice not included)

    7 minutes to 70 seconds... you're a man of extremes Jay! Tele on fat pup.... C Major so using the 3 steps down hack of Am penta ..... yeah yeah I'm no music theorist but it works for me.
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    September 2021 BTOTM

    Man that's some tough breaks Parts! Things must be due to turn around for you brother.
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    White Noise.

    Still working on the sequencing for the remaining 9 tracks, critical for this genre and can make or break it. I'll post the whole album when I'm done.
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    White Noise.

    Track 4: Moochy Coochy Coo!

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