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    Taking a break from MLP

    The fascist right-wing is getting stronger by the day in here. You all can have it.
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    We got a puppy!

    She's a beauty, Congrats on what should prove to be your new best friend.
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    Venezuela is Crazy Right Now

    I think you are confusing Socialism with Communism.
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    A Guy at Work went Trans

    I remember a few years ago one of the women in a lesbian couple here at work, (all women's lib. arts college), went trans. And I remember thinking, how does that work out for the other partner in a relationship who identifies as a lesbian, and now has a "male" partner. I guess they hadn't...
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    Venezuela is Crazy Right Now

    I can still post in this thread? Really? I guess the ban on all things political is over. And to think, I didn't even get the memo.
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    Unofficial Bass Stuff Thread (Since there is no real bass area on the Mule)

    Looks like the new Gibson Jr. tribute basses have shipped. I'd love to take one of these for a spin, but not enough to buy one ATM. What say you MLP low-enders?
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    Woodstock 50

    Its not dead yet, although it probably should be.
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    Robert Johnson bio on Netflix

    It was worth a watch, but as others have said, you won't learn much. I also watched the Sam Cooke one, also worth checking out.
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    Help with Martin D28-12

    I would guess that used it would still draw close to $4k, but I really don't know.
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    James Macdonald Art Guitars new work 2019

    Love it. Please come back and post pics once assembly is complete.
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    Cast Iron Skillet

    Everything tastes better in cast iron. I hadn't seen the chainmale scrubber, gotta get me one of those. I've always used kosher salt as an abrasive when mine needs it. ETA: They can be used as personal protection as well. One of these bad boys upside the head would take care of most...
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    Cable tester for $13 if anyone hasn't posted this yet...

    Cheaper still, plug cable into guitar and amp, make sure amp is not on standby and volume is up, make sure guitar volume is up. If you get no signal, bad cable.:p
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    Whatcha listening to RIGHT NOW?

    SBD Bootleg of 10.2.80 GD, Warfield Theater, acoustic set. Phil is way up in the mix, I dig it.
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    TOOLS: A thread for sharing tool knowledge, experience and tricks of the trade.

    A good angle grinder can come in extremely handy. Just last weekend when I was replacing the exhaust in my truck with a new catback setup, the angle grinder with a cut off wheel made short work of getting the old pipes out.
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    Violent Femmes

    I liked VF way better than any of that crappy hair metal that was all over the place during the 80s. Thank the gods we don't all have to like the same stuff.

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