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    The "one-star" wimp..

    No. Some people need to be merged. Too many people posting stream of consciousness bullshirt. It's funny, to an extent. And then it gets old. I mean, for every FF thread that us remotely interesting there are 5 "hey did you see the size of that chicken?" threads. I know some of our...
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    Non-political healthcare comments

    Sorry but covering self inflicted maladies is a pet peeve. "It's a disease" my ass.
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    This is low.

    And get the education and opportunity they deserve....... Until some of these folks grasp the concept of personal accountability and figure out that what they've glorified for 30+ years is completely wrong, I'm fine with the police taking care of the problem. This behavior is always someone...
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    Historic & Reissues: Is there a best year?

    I guess there are great examples of all eras and it depends on what you hold dear, spec wise. For some, the BRW and sharp inlays of brazzy 03's are the shizzle. Others swear by the recent 13 and on specs of both standard and true historics. I think 07 had, collectively, some inspired timber...
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    Mariah Carey - New Year's Rockin' Eve

    For better or worse, when is the last time a "NYE's Rockin' Eve" Thread of any sort went 7+ pages here? Mission accomplished.......:hmm::cool::laugh2:
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    The 2011 LP Traditional (Standard?) Faded Mega-Thread

    Hard to tell. If you sort through this thread, you'll see that many of the 2005-09 guitars have appreciated. The new ones are nice too, but they are still out there at reasonable prices. Some folks are trying to gouge for both the older and new ones. The new ones are slightly different in terms...
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    Here They Are!.. The Beatles! yeah..flipp'n yeah..yeah

    Rain did a bang up job for that late 70's bio pic "Birth of the Beatles" IMO. It's been much maligned (even at sub-double digits I knew all the Rickenbackers/Gretsches/guitars were wrong!) but I remember watching it when I was a wee lad and I wanted to be in the Beatles so bad. The...
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    Satin vs gloss differences?

    Try the Satin finished guitar. Gibson gloss isn't great, even the CS, but I would try them both. (and more than one of each if you can). Satin/Faded will wear faster and if you are really tough on your guitars you may wanna pass. But if you are like me, the sound will win you over. The dings on...
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    The 2011 LP Traditional (Standard?) Faded Mega-Thread

    It's been discontinued. See the posts above about the years. The Satin Traditional from 2016 is the closest thing you'll find new (besides the occasional NOS that still pops up)and I dunno if that trad satin is on the 2017 roster.
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    Hoochie Coochie Man? or Back Door Man?

    (Insert your own coarse lockeroom banter :hmm::hmm::laugh2: ....) I reckon if you can type out of it, you can see out of it.
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    Street Outlaws Part 2....

    The comments about the pro mods are right on. The old school metal, hoop-dee factor loomed large in the show's allure, appealing directly to my inner Duke boy.....
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    trying to learn how to shred
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    Just so you know

    They could be sluts. MAybe they're mixed? Slores anyone? Did you ever think of that? Did ya?
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    Can someone fill me in on ascap

    A few years ago, we had a bass player who was involved in an accident before a gig and didn't show up. It was "our" Christmas party and good crowd had shown up. Well, with no bass, things were like guitar solos were out the window so we played a shambling set of fragmentary, at best, covers...
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    Rickenbacker Question…

    The neck width is thin, the board lacquered and seems to have a bit of a radius or curve. It is slight and you may pick it up and say "What were these guys talking about?" But that FB lacquer seems thicker and slicker than that of a maple necked fender. The 660 has a more wide/flat neck and...

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