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    cloud based fvcks $1 each

    Any trades?
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    C'mon Man!

    To say these shoddy things are just normal cos its more like how they did things in the 50s is a very stupid thing to say IMO.. its just plain lazy!!!
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    Murphy Lab Quality Issues

    I held a couple the other day and the finishes are so thin and brittle they flake off in your hands onto your fingers,, they look good but after a few years of playing there will be no finish left on the things..
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    Are some too obsessive over fit and finish?

    aye the R4 looks better, screw the cork sniffin rubbish..
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    Jimmy Page #1 Project

    Well you seem to have enough cash to burn asking strangers on a guitar forum which of your guitars to butcher so go for the 30k guitar ;-)
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    Jimmy Page #1 Project

    they dont cost 25k man hahhahah
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    Jimmy Page #1 Project

    just buy a jp custom authentic and save yourself the hassle.
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    The "Golden Queen" of my collection: 1954 Goldtop "Lucky", a very "famous" Goldtop

    I was wondering what happened to terrys 54 GT, im glad to see it in good hands i seen the guitar in the flesh when i went to collect a guitar he made for me..i didnt play it on the day but remember it being a real cracker!
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    Italian Job Question

    The newer ones are closer in spec to 50s guitars the finish is aswel..terry updated his jigs not far from the end of his guitar building days,i imagine he will have right through his days as a luthier.. i miss talking to him..if you meant how well were they put together they are solid as a rock!
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    Dry-Z content.

    That dry z video sounds utter pants these days IMO hahaha
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    Gibson Double Carve R8 2009 Prototype #6 of 25 $6999 or Best Offer.

    Can you hear any difference unplugged with the acoustic chamber..
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    POLL! Which one do you like best?!

    Which one sounds the best?
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    2007 G0 Twisted Neck Warranty (New R9)

    That is the deal of the millennium for sure.. cool they picked you a nice top.
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    2004 R9 Brazilian board?

    Anymore pics of the guitar

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