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    NVGD: 55 to 59 Conversion

    Come on johnny we need a video from the bedroom!
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    send me a pm

    send me a pm
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    Gary moore R8

    Cheers peeps..
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    Gary moore R8

    Hi, just seeing if anyone has any info on the R8 gary used later in his career at Montreux 2010..
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    Nik Huber Orca 59 video - Middle sound like single coils?

    I can hear the bridge is very bright, so its making the middle sound like that IMO.. my r7 is like that too..
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    '58, '59, '60 Bursts and R9 Comparison

    All this video showed is that every les paul can sound different, neither better or worse to each other, some are brighter some are darker some are hotter.. all this 59 burst bull thats flung about on forums is utterly crazy.. IMO... It is a cool watch though :)
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    Finally decided (Bavarian content)

    I wouldnt touch the neck if you like the sound of it already!!
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    WTB:black true historic custom plastics

    hi, anyone with true historic black guard, rings and chip who's replaced their parts for others and want to sell their old part's give me a shout please, cheers..
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    please delete.

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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    OTPG double larry
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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    cheers guv.
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    “They were made by Bharat Kandekar. But I had them rewound by Jon Gundry/Throbak since I didn’t like the sound. He also changed the magnets.”

    Ha ha ha what a clown of a response that is.. ive owned a couple of sets of these now, whos this replica builder? I want to know his initials.. my name is david graham hi :cool: