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    Very best pickups you've ever heard or played.

    I agree with the idea of ONE optimal set of pickups per guitar. That's my experience as well (and it was already my feeling in the early 80’s). I don't see the origin of magnetic transducers as a criterium of choice. Made in China: why not? My friend luthier had a last series of guitars made in...
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    How many versions of fhe big muff have you owned?

    My favorite one is a home made clone that I've put in the housing of a EHX nano. I prefer it because I've voiced the circuit to my liking. I've an itch about the op amp BM's that I've owned 4 decades ago, though. They had a thick sound with tons of gain and a kind of "robotic" tone that I was...
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    Channel switch and turn on effects pedal at the same time.

    Well, I've built once a system allowing to mechanically enable a hardware loop AND one effect in it (that I didn't want to leave "on" all the time): it wasn't more convincing for me than stomping on two switches with one foot. But maybe your tinkering will work better than mine. Let us know ...
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    Channel switch and turn on effects pedal at the same time.

    Hello, I've several pedalboards (one per amp). Those for my Fender and Vox amps need me to do what you say: I stomp on two switches in the same time when I want to go back & forth from clean to drive. I don't find it really more complicated to use than my other pedalboards programmed to...
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    Stupid Vintage Rats are around $200 so I got a MS-50G instead

    I post below the response of a Zoom MS50G bypassed, vs true bypassed signal. Upper plain line = frequency responses. Dotted line = phase responses. lower plain curve or line = THD. The cheap lil' Zoom does a pretty good job. In fact, this one makes the sound slightly brighter. I've here...
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    Need some electronic advice

    I'd say that it wouldn't lessen the hum but the "shielding" would create eddy currents, acting like a metal cover as soon as the copper would "cincture" the coil. Foucault currents (eddy currents) are not necessarily a bad thing but make the tone rounder and a bit less clear.
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    Pickup Characteristic ??

    The VOX AC10 STR so often used by Doug deserves to be considered: like the normal channel of an AC15, it has a "tone cut" as only tone control... but this tone cut is tuned by a cap cutting more high freq than in a vintage AC15 of the same era . There's also a relatively low value coupling cap...
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    Pickup Characteristic ??

    +1. Is it not harmonic feedback? "Like that" (as Doug says @ 17:59), from 17:40 ? Even at low volumes, I routinedly obtain this kind of resonance from unpotted HB's in a LP through a Marshall. But anything with the same kind of gain structure does the trick as well - Examples: a treble...
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    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    FWIW, I've recently bought a Nux Tape Core Deluxe and I like it. It's not perfect but for the price, it's a bargain - and it sounds great: much better Roland Tape echo emulation than in a Line 6 M5, for example, albeit the M5 already includes pretty good delays. To reply more generally to this...
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    Vintage (50’s) wiring..loss of treble??

    Which Cry Baby? Is it a True Bypass model?
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    The lowly old Boss DS-1....

    Have a 40th Anniversary black DS1 that I've modded specifically to cooperate with one of my amps (VOX AX15). Have put a 22nF cap in parallel with C11 and a 100nF (!!!) in parallel with C10. Doubling the value of C11 fills the mid dip around 1khz by lowering the knee frequency of the high pass...
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    Adding a led to a volume stomp box and general diy pedal question

    There is several possible wirings. Here is one close to the schematic in your link:
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    bored of my sound

    As dc007 said, a Princeton is not necessarily the best choice for 80's rock tones... Unless an EQ is added at the end of the FX chain. But before to add anything: IF your list also translates the order of your FX's, I'd try the Soul Food BEFORE the Marvel drive and not after it.... FWIW. Good...
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    Solo boost pedal allocation

    There's no rule: I've tried recently a Linear Power Booster AFTER a TS and have been surprised by the result... Depends on the amp, too: I've a handful of tube amps and they all react differently to boosters / TS. That said: with the huge low Q factor mid hump that a TS generates, I tend to...
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    Does This Wiring Job on a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Look Right?

    Braided shielded wire has actually a flaw which becomes a tonal feature in LP's : it has a really high "stray capacitance". Almost 270pF per meter. 3x more than a Mogami 4 wires cable, for example... That's why center position sounds "special" on a LP with vintage wiring and vintage correct...

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