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    FS - 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom 50th Anniversary 68 Reissue VOS

    Nice!! What pickups are in this?
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    So confused about Rx prices...?

    It depends what you are pricing, I guess. A new 60 anniv. R9 MAP's at $6499. Nobody should pay that of course, and generally, a phone call to one of our vendor's here will get you a better deal. That being said, a "deal" on a new one is going to be north of 5k. Most used one's, even with a nice...
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    Banned from The Marshall Forum, but I don't know why?

    No worries here. It just seemed odd to me. Kinda like “I KNOW I do shit that my boss at work doesn’t like, but, I can’t believe I got fired”. Lol
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    Banned from The Marshall Forum, but I don't know why?

    So, let me get this KNOW you push the limits on BANNED topics, but you don't mean to piss anyone off. Kind of contradicting yourself, no? You are knowingly pushing the limits of the people that have the control to ban you, and you are surprised?
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    2004 Historic R9, difference from 2018 R9?

    Love the top!
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    What happened to frogfur?

    But I didn’t lie, Kiss really does suck.....your sister can’t even compare.
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    Don't Threaten to Quit Before a Gig

    Honor your obligations. I was in a bad situation a few years ago. Gave a few months notice that I was leaving the band, and the singer also decided to leave to do the new project with me. We gave them several months notice, and told them we would finish out everything we had left on the...
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    Weird morning

    I'll chime scares me to read this post as I almost suffered the same fate. I have a history of heart issues. 7 yrs. old, open heart to correct a mitral valve, they repaired it with my own tissue. 32, heart attack, and a stent. 2 and a half years ago, at the age of 48, I was...
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    What happened to frogfur?

    One only needs to be a marketing guru, not a great song writer...and for that I will give them credit.
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    What happened to frogfur?

    Was hoping you'd see that! LOL
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    What happened to frogfur?

    Kiss sucks
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    Post Your 60th Aniversaries

    One reason....GAS
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    2000 Historic R9 Monster Top getting some SUNSHINE!

    WOW!!! Great top!!! Thank you for posting!
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    F/S Gibson Custom Shop 336 Leroy Parnell

    It's also a fact that ads with pics sell better, and it's a PIA for me to give my email and do the leg work. I agree, it sucks from the phone, but if I'm selling, I take the 5 min. it takes to email myself the pic to the computer and then post it here.