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    I have a choice of where I will reside in the future.

    Then the choice is an easy one....whichever allows you to do just that is the one to make.
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    NGD 18 braz R9

    Dude!!! That thing is AWESOME!! LOVE the color and top!!
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    Well, a quick update on the agent thing.....we met for lunch today, and it was AWESOME. We got a $1500 gig booked before I walked out of the restaurant! High end golf course for a private invitational event. More to come!!! Couldn't be happier....and yes, live music is still in demand!
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    Got Served divorce papers last night

    Sorry to see this for you man. Divorce, and the process that you go through to get it finalized is like a death. There are emotions you go through and it's natural. At times, you will so fucking pissed, you want to kill anybody you look at, other times, so sad it hurts, especially with the kids...
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    Your CC Compared to the Original

    Shanks were a little easier due to the lack of flame present on the original. Awesome axe!!!
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    I'm looking for a new house

    The ceilings and skylight (depending on the age of the home) wouldn't scare me too bad. I had skylights in my Hartland home I was in for 13 years and never had an issue. The sloping to the back....dat not good.
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    Gibson CEO leaves Levis

    Hey, it's comfortable goddamit, alright!?
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    Gibson CEO leaves Levis

    C'mon...Jordache man! LOL
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    Gibson CEO leaves Levis

    I haven't worn Levi jeans since the 3rd grade, I only care what he does with Gibson, and so far, so good, IMO. Shit happens in business, and as long as whatever your decisions are aren't illegal, you gotta look out for #1. Underlying conspiracy theories are plentiful on Facebook.
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    I'm a dad

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    ending a toxic relationship

    Good for you man. Always take some time to evaluate why you stayed or got involved in the first place. My ex-wife is an AMAZING mother to our special needs daughter, but she was an awful partner/wife. Diagnosed high anxiety, wouldn't take her meds, I was the asshole at every turn, NOTHING made...
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    FS: Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL

    Stay away from this one guys. This guy gives a different email address in all of his FS ads, has been called out by Lt. Dave multiple times on his other FS ads, and won't use PP. VERY SKETCHY.
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    Plug in automobile navigation?

    Get a cell phone with a data plan. Much easier and nicer!
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    If Joe Bonamassa Were To Die An Accidental and Untimely Death... close to call for me. Love them both
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    If Joe Bonamassa Were To Die An Accidental and Untimely Death...

    Well, about timing. LOL