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    Gibson Les Paul Studio Mahogany Electric Guitar (want to buy)

    Question is what year is it? I have a LP Studio Ebony with ebony finger board that i bought brand new in 1993 and it's the shizzle. It sounds great, awesome sustain and heavy as hell, like a LP should be. I wouldn't go for those cheese hole ones that they've been making in the last decade or so...
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    Who Inspires You To Play a Les Paul?

    Zakk Wylde, Gary Moore... I like Slash too, although there are days when he really sucks live (like most of us I guess!). But the first would have to have been Zakk Wylde when he had just joined Ozzy. I was 18 at the time I think.
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    Zakk Wylde's latest axe design

    Cause it's heavy, duuuude!! I love Zakk and both his sound and style but this latest design is just terrible. It's tacky, it's ugly, there are no other words for it: caca.
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    Les Paul Traditional vs Les Paul Standard

    Hey Scott/Justin You're right about what you said earlier about the insurance policy, however, I got a surfboard stolen out of my yard seven years ago and they sent me the money for a replacement, at the value of a new board. They are getting a discount cause the shop guys told me, but I...
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    Les Paul Traditional vs Les Paul Standard

    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments! Yes, I thought it was strange the insurance company wouldn't give me a cheque! I don't get it. I got a voucher for some $8000 (NZ dollars) to get the Trad and the D28. I don't know why... It's a pain because I would have rather choose the guitar...
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    Les Paul Traditional vs Les Paul Standard

    I beg to differ. I tried some chambered Studios and as soon as I picked them up I noticed there was something different (not to say "wrong"). Plugged in, the chambered studio didn't sound right to MY ears. Not enough sustain, not as warm a tone. Back then, I didn't even know about chambering...
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    'Vintage' status for LP studios?

    I shouldn't have said the chambered Studios are crappy and i apologise if I offended anyone. They're certainly not crappy guitars. However, my 93 studio sounded a lot warmer and had heaps more sustain than the recent chambered models I tried. Plus I just couldn't get passed the weight of those...
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    Les Paul Traditional vs Les Paul Standard

    Aargh! Don't talk to me about chambered. It hurts. I hate chambered LPs . Not for me. Thanks for your help Shifty!:thumb:
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    Les Paul Traditional vs Les Paul Standard

    Really quality issues? Such as? The one I'm looking at is immaculate, bar for a very small ding/dent in the headstock done by a careless customer. I'm getting a discount though...
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    Les Paul Traditional vs Les Paul Standard

    Nope. They're giving me a voucher to replace the instruments and the guys at the music shop have quoted for a Traditional. I don't really mind, it's a new guitar, a new experience and it looks really nice in ebony. Replacement voucher also includes a new Martin D28. I was trying to sell the...
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    Les Paul Traditional vs Les Paul Standard

    Hi boys and girls, I had a LP standard stolen and the insurance company is replacing it with a LP Traditional 2008 model. Just wondering what the major differences are and what you guys think of the LP Traditional. I look forward to your comments. Cheers! Freddy.
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    Ebony fingerboard on LP Studio

    Oh and here's what I found on Wikipedia: "Early (Les Paul Studio) models featured dot fret markers on top of ebony or rosewood fretboards. In the mid 80's the dot markers were replaced by trapezoidal inlay. In the early 90's the option of an ebony fretboard was discontinued, but they are...
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    Ebony fingerboard on LP Studio

    I've just noticed that when I originally posted the thread I said my ebony LP Studio was a 1995. It's a 1993 model. With ebony fretboard. This many months later and I still haven't seen an Ebony studio with ebony fretboard. I guess they don't make them that way anymore. Is rosewood cheaper than...
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    World's ugliest Les Paul

    It shure is Fugly! I wonder how it sounds with all that junk on it...

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