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    Question for Freddy and anyone else interested...

    I'm a fan of Blumlein
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    And Now...Invasive 'Murder Hornets' Have Appeared in the United States and Officials Worry They're Here to Stay

    It's gotta be tough to be born with permanently "angry eyebrows" . They might actually have pleasant personalities, but everyone shuns them because they just happen to look so can you really blame the hornet when they try and try and never get ahead ? Of course that will lead them to...
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    Minnesota Thread Banned Blues ...

    Nice playing Vinnie! That sounded about as smooth as can be! Nice guitar too....I sure played it a lot know...had to test it out (ahem...nudge nudge) to make sure it was tip top and all....:)
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    Go Joe!!!

    People are fed up. The media tried to crush that Goya CEO and that backfired biggly.
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    Jilted lover walks in on cheating husband, smashes his guitar

    Loser was cheating on his wife and she walked in and saw it? If I were the judge I'd ask the guy if I could see another one of his guitars....and then smash that one too.
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    Thinking about a finish repair

    Yes. I would build it up proud of the surrounding finish. Then file it down flush. Dead serious. It's a curved surface so you'll have excellent control over the file and will be able to shape and feather edge the CA with much cleaner precision than sandpaper and a block. You will get a few light...
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    Thinking about a finish repair

    Black CA. That's how I do it.
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    Temp/Humidity Questions, Precautions

    Those humudipks are great. Unless they leak. I've had two guitars on my bench that were practically destroyed by leaking humidipaks. A Gibson J45 and a Martin Custom shop guitar. I would never put a humidipak in the soundhole...rather just keep it in the case.
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    Temp/Humidity Questions, Precautions

    get yourself a digital hygrometer and keep it in the guitar case with the guitar Then get some Herco humidifiers and keep them in the closed case with the guitar.
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    12th fret harmonic = open string?

    It's an interesting exercise. Lower the pickups and set intonation. Then start raising them and note the point at which the intonation starts to change. This is the "do not pass" point.
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    12th fret harmonic = open string?

    The difference is also in the amount of energy in the string's vibration. A heavily plucked string will read sharper than a string plucked with a harmonic.
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    Epoxy for neck joint.

    While I am a big fan of hot hide glue, I will admit to building guitars with epoxied neck joints. I did it out of curiosity. That was over 20 years ago. They are still fine, they sound fine and are solid and I don't see the need for the neck to ever be disassembled at this point. Amazingly, the...
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    Jerry Garcia’s Pretzel Guitar Returns!

    I recognize that bridge....made by a san fransisco co....maybe alembic?
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    Does your guitar have a name?

    I've got two super strats. The one I simply call "whitey".....the other one has really nice pickups and hardware....I call that one "privileged whitey"
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    Rhythm > Lead

    But the thing is he has it in his lead solo playing too. And you're right, his dynamics....incredible.

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