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    The reality of environmental "science"

    If you want the full prescient story that 2112 is based on, have a read of this classic. It's not that long. Anthem
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    Germany is a chill place

    Funniest live theatre I have ever seen. Mrs. G says I was laughing so much I was crying. I don't even remember most of it.
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    I can't sleep

    Did you just promote the Lieutenant?
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    A note about lacquer thinners..

    shocking isn't it? :applause:
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    Another Kind of MeToo...

    OMG! I've got 2 apple trees and they drop apples on the ground all the time....I just leave them there. It's a terrible thing....I must have accumulated thousands of years of degrading apples! The world has never seen anything like it!
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    Fender fined £4.5m

    If I ran Fender, I'd say sure. Sell of all your Fender guitars for whatever you want. But you won't be a Fender dealer any more after that. How's that?
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    Fender fined £4.5m

    I don't get it. Why can't Fender control it's own product?
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    Utah woman charged after going topless in front of stepkids inside own home

    Like being compelled to expose her boobs to her husband and his friends when they are over drinking coffee and smoking hukas?
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    Another Kind of MeToo...

    What Indian? That guy was Italian.
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    Another Kind of MeToo...

    Because recycling is a scam.
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    two questions

    what ads? The show your replica? Prolly cause it's walking a fine line with Gibson regarding counterfeits.
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    In the closet

    Only if you can't control temp and humidity. But then all bets are off anyway.
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    In the closet

    Temperature and humidity.
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    Favorite documentary

    Spinal Tap.