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    small diaphragm condenser microphone

    Hey! You're not much fun with the spam.....what does your stuff have to do with small diaphragm mic suggestions?
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    DAW for Android Tablet?

    I chose the Samsung because I needed something to control the Midas mixer. I did two gigs with the Midas now using a new iPad (the department's, not mine). I read that the Midas software was better in the Android version and holy sure is! In fact everything about this Samsung seems...
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    DAW for Android Tablet?

    The Midas Mister 18 mixer
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    If you like movies...go see Once Upon aTime in Hollywood

    It was great! Loved it.
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    Hong Kong.

    I didn't mean the thread....I meant the situation there
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    Hong Kong.

    This is not going to go well
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    DAW for Android Tablet?

    Yeah that was the first thing I looked at but there's no Android version it seems. Thanks!
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    DAW for Android Tablet?

    Likely better off? Why...there are mutlitrack apps for android aren't there?
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    DAW for Android Tablet?

    Hey! Just got my first tablet...a Samsung S2. I need to find a simple DAW for android. Any recommendations? All I need it to do is to record multitrack from the USB out of my band's mixer. Then I would take those tracks and either import them into my studio DAW to mix or just play them back...
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    I hate playing electric guitar by myself.

    Funny thing.... I know how it is. If I were never ever to play with other musicians I'd probably just hang it up. I need a reason to play....and the best reason is just that....other musicians. Then I get really excited and I will buckle down and practice for hours and days with joy just to look...
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    Im gonna rock the jedi look this fall.

    Well, at least you're not going for the Princess Leah look....:iough:
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    I ordered a DNA kit.

    I'm 100% Canadian. That's all I care about.
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    Whats your current rig?

    Two custom made amp heads. They both have identical power amp sections but one has a Marshall-ish preamp and the other has a fender/dumble-ish preamp. Marshall Output & Fender Output = MOFO :cool2: That's what I call my rig. Both amps have FX loops. So I have a switching system where I can...
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    What’s the last thing you spent money on

    A shitty ass delivered pizza last night....although the delivery boy's turban was a super cool shade of bright orange and he was exceptionally polite, so I gave him a good tip. I guess the tip was technically the last thing I spent.
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    Don’t forget

    And who knows how many runaway children were used....