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    2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard - AAAA Heritage Cherry Sunburst

    2014 had G-Force? I thought it was just 2015?
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    Hi everyone, Hey I bought what was supposed to be a 1974 Les Paul but now with it sitting right in front of me, I see some issues that I missed. Help!

    That was my first thought. Also, in all due respect, to the OP, you came here looking for advice on a norlin. The guy who probably knows the MOST here about Norlins, told you what it was. I would take Hardcores word, and enjoy your late 74 but really 75.
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    That last step, yeah he missed it. Dad has hip surgery today.

    Hoping for the best. Hope he gets well soon.
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    Lost half my tone

    Take the pick guard off and use heavier gauge strings.
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    Greta Van Fleet Should Sue!!!!

    I like Zebra. I always pimp Randy Jackson when the conversation of under appreciated guitarists comes up.
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    Greta Van Fleet Should Sue!!!!

    Just form a Zep tribute and be done already.
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    “Want To Buy An Egg Roll?”

    I wonder if by egg rolls, he meant.......????? Or given his um, 'stature', shrimp rolls?
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    The search for a new (to me) LP (Traditional vs 90s Standard)

    2019 Standards are great. I do miss my 2014 Honey burst.....Thick neck, and great tone.
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    Notice to all members; some PM spam got through.

    I got one to. Same wording. They have obviously never read my post.
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    Acoustic duo PA advice

    So, my singer and i are looking to do an acoustic thing on the side. I know nothing of PA systems. I do have a fishman loud box, so my needs are set, guitar wise, but we need something for vocals. Just small, outdoor gigs, maybe some indoor ones at some point. Nothing crazy. Any suggestions...
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    NGD- 2020 Les Paul Special

    Just played one of them last night at GC. Very enjoyable. Enjoy.

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