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    I'm having a baby!

    Congratulations. :)
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    John Cazale - I Knew it Was You

    One of my favorite all time actors. I started a thread like this a few years back. John Cazale appeared in only five films in his entire career - all of which were nominated for or won Best Picture: •Fredo Corleone in The Godfather (1972) •Stan in The Conversation (1974) •Fredo...
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    My pillow sucks

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    My pillow sucks

    Would you have a care to tell your audience what specific brand of pillow you are referring to?
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    NMBD (New Mountain Bike Day)

    Me too.
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    Anybody Enjoy Reading Sci-Fi?

    A brilliant bit of writing by Dan Simmons. I went out and purchased a very fine first edition of Hyperion a decade ago as a gift for someone and ended up keeping it. :naughty:
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    What Vendors have you had a GOOD experience with?

    Matt at MSSC. Excellent products and customer service, super fast shipping. Would buy from again. A++++
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    MLP my son needs your vote

    My vote is in. Best wishes. :)
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    Post your favorite quotations!!

    You'll get nothing and like it. Mom.
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    Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

    We've reached that point. The End.
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    If you could only own two electrics....

    ES-335 Solid Body BB King Lucille and a 50s style Stratocaster. :dude:
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    Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

    Mod Note: Any more posts that are religious in nature and the thread will be closed.
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    Promote Your Band!

    Fino alla prossima volta, il mio amico. Poi parleremo seriamente. Pace!
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    Promote Your Band!

    Terri and I drove out to PA to see Vic and Hard Bargain play Saturday night. Needless to say, the band's performance was top shelf. We had a brilliant time and later crashed at the Hyatt in Bethlehem. Very nice! Anyone in the area wanting to check out Hard Bargain, the Wooden Match is a...
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    Post a song that you love that doesn't fit the style of music you usually listen to. Merengue parties are a lot of fun. I mean they were a lot of fun thirty years ago. I'd likely drop dead if I attempted it now. :laugh2:

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