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    Vibramate V7-LP Mounting Kit for Bigsby B7

    Understood, thank you for the reply.
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    Vibramate V7-LP Mounting Kit for Bigsby B7

    The tag in the package looks to read 335, partially hidden. Does the 335 and the Les Paul use the same Vibramate part? I looked on their web site, they had them listed separately. I sent Vibramate a note asking them the same question and never received a reply from them.
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    Headstock repaired pricing

    Trying to negotiate with Guitar Center is no different then trying to negotiate with Wal Mart. Ask them the bottom line, if it's more then you want to pay, just walk away and find another guitar.
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    Anvil case for Les Paul

    What is going on with the top of the case? Is it painted white? Was there a hole or something in it? There seems to be something square down near the handle and a mark of some sort above the square on the top, that appears to covered with the white? Thanks for taking the time!
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    What do you play on your les?

    That's a good one.. I used to know a bunch.. Learned them watching TV, when the commercial came on I'd try to figure out the jingle before the commercial was over or the theme at the beginning of a show. No youtube or internet during that time, you had 30 seconds or 1 minute to figure them out...
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    What do you play on your les?

    Anything and everything.. Jazz, blues, oldies and of course twinkle twinkle little star and the Meow Meow Meow, Meow Mix commercial for the grand kids.
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    Lets see your wall of amps

    Current amps..
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    Anybody else turning 21 this year?

    I am for the third time in April.
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    Gibson's First Authorized Boutique Builder

    The body shapes are not my cup of tea any longer, but that's just me.. Personally, I think it's a great idea. I haven't played one, but I'm guessing his guitars are closer to the 58's then the Gibson reissues that Gibson is selling. Personally I could care less what name is on the headstock as...
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    Let's Kill Ace!

    Is it marketing brilliance or just shear stupid luck? After falling off the radar screen for a bit of time here we are as I’m sure many others are doing the same, taking about Kiss once again. If you listen closely you can hear the cash register ringing.
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    Remember ECW pro wrestling?

    They all would have gotten their butts kicked by Dick the Bruiser..
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    Ohio weather

    It's my fault, I'd put my snow blower away and wiped down the vette.
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    Middle Of The Road - Lexington Lab Band

    As always... Awesome job!
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    I want a "simple" wah pedal...

    Check out the Teese "The Real McCoy". Awesome wah.
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    Hello From Ohio

    Welcome from a Michigan guy stuck in Ohio.. :)

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