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    Tighter, clearer Duncan JB?

    Both the Holy Diver and Rebel Yell are phenomenal choices. Motor City Afwayu too BUT, it’s been too long for me to compare them to a JB. My recollection is the JB was too dull for my tastes. Sheptone made a few in the hot, a5 but articulate mold that I liked also. WB Gregwinds for certain. But...
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    The flame on that top and the carve are really impressive. I’m a lefty so unless you like amps....
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    WTB: WB (Will Boggs) Peter Green Bridge

    Only one Hab left so I’ve got to keep it.
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    WTB: WB (Will Boggs) Peter Green Bridge

    I think I have a set of PG’s.
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    Found thanks please delete!

    WB Peter Greens in double cream. Doyle Coils in double cream.
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    found it please d/c

    I have a set of Doyle Coils in double cream/white. No covers, nickel screws.
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    Flamed Flame Top

    Damn man! Anyone with a guitar they’ve bonded with can relate to the pain you must have felt. Are those OTPG’s dbl whites?
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    Selling OX4 pups, aged double cream

    Are these A4 or A5 mags?
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    PM’d on some OX4 Hot Duane’s.
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    Dave Johnson R9 Perfection!!

    If there's such a thing as THE BEST, Dave's been the perennial winner for me.
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    WB bridge P90

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    Max Baranet pickups???

    They are worth as much as someone's willing to pay. This is the only set I'm seeing out of 50 produced. That makes a much different statement than if there were 20 sets out on the used market IMO. I've sprung for OTPG and other high end sets. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them and take em for a...
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    FT / Sheds PAF Daddy's

    No Rolph's but I have a set of OX4 Hot Duane's aged.