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    Just wrapped up my first thinline

    It’s gorgeous! Nicely done.
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    '59 TV Junior replica, first scratch build.

    Great build!
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    NGD - Standard '60s, Iced Tea

    After many years in the "Epiphone-only" club, and after 40 years of wanting a genuine Gibson Les Paul, I finally got it in my head that if I waited until I was worthy of it, I would never own one. So for the past few months I've been perusing the local shops, online shops and Reverb for exactly...
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    Where you buy body wood

    Thanks for the tip about Woodfinder! They had a listing for supplier I didn't know about, but will definitely go check out.
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    WD-40 on potentiometers

    A very experienced mechanical engineer I used to work with said that it’s best to think of WD-40 as a slow-drying glue, as that’s what the end result will be. It’s great for getting rid of water (its original intent, as noted above), but needs to be used in conjunction with a real lubricant...
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    First Two Guitar Builds, 5 Years Later

    Your furniture work is inspiring. I love how the cabinet doors turned out! Edit: I didn't mean to imply that your guitar work wasn't inspiring. Your inlay work especially is top notch! :)
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    1971 Les Paul Deluxe Conversion Repair - The "Dirty Grandpa"

    Great thread! Thanks for sharing the tech details and photos. Sounds great, too. Amazing how you can pick up a project guitar and very quickly get into more than you bargained for. Nice job!
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    NGD: Slash Standard Pro Anaconda Burst

    Congratulations! I'm sorry the purchase went somewhat bad, but I hope you soon get to a place where you are excited by it. (I've definitely had that experience - it can take a while.) I saw one of these at Guitar Showcase the day I bought my Goldtop Epi. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous...
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    Congratulations! It’s a beauty. :cheers: Fred
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    NGD: LP Pro Goldtop

    Thanks for the advice on the gold knobs. I think I'll go for the gold knobs plus pointers. I pulled on of the knobs off, and I'm wondering what size shafts these are? There are 8 splines on either side of the split. If I buy Gibson knobs, will they fit, or do I need to find imports knobs. And...
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    NGD: LP Pro Goldtop

    I was wondering what might not be period correct. I've been looking at pics of originals, but I can't tell what color or style the knobs are supposed to be. What's the correct spec? Fred
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    NGD: LP Pro Goldtop

    Howdy, It's been a while since I've posted (I think since I acquired my Budokan LP), but I paid Guitar Showcase in San Jose a visit yesterday to purchase a strap for a bass I just finished (tiny bit of it visible in the lower left of the pic below) when I saw this beauty hanging on the wall...
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    New ace confirmed!!

    Man, I haven't been on the forums for quite a while - I was pretty surprised to find this thread was still alive! Congratulations to all the new Budokan owners. I did see a new one at GC in San Jose a few weeks ago if anybody in the Bay Area is interested in one. My shoulder has finally healed...
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    Counting the Budokans...

    The list is starting to be a pretty good sample statistically, considering the guitars still seem to be trickling out. Assuming 650-1000 aren't even out there yet (our list indicates that pretty solidly), around 5% of all Budokan owners are contributing to this forum. Not bad. And there may be...
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    NGD B U D O K A N Hath Come!

    Awesome! +1 on the great lighting. Budokan porn for sure. Fred

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