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    How Much Is a COA Worth?

    That's what I did, just to have it. I put more faith in an email than an easily faked COA. They verified it's birthday, original reseller and all specs.
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    How Much Is a COA Worth?

    I couldn't care less about the COA.... But my R0, they "lost" the paperwork. The guitar was new from an authorized dealer, I got $1,500.00 off. The guitar itself was perfect in every way. I jumped on the deal. Guess what? I love the guitar and don't miss the COA at all.
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    what are some of the other fingerboard materials used on Gibsons in the last 10 years or so?

    2011 Classic Custom with baked maple. I love it way more than I expected and wish it was still an option.
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    Think i just lined up a good deal. How much value does not having COA remove?

    I had GC knock $1,500.00 off my R0 because they "lost" the case, case candy and COA. I was bummed but they did give me a new, correct case. The guitar was "the one" so I took the discount. I emailed Gibson with photos and have their response that the guitar is authentic. It's not the COA but...
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    NGD! The Tweed Ampocaster

    I thought the same thing, he needs a new name.
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    NGD! The Tweed Ampocaster

    Basswood, why it's so light. The sides are mahogany veneer.
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    NGD! The Tweed Ampocaster

    I saw this pop up on Facebook Marketplace today for $250 and I couldn't get it fast enough. I met the builder, a really nice guy, this was his second build and had much more $$ in it but has new ideas to build and wanted this to go to a good home, which it did. Body is all made from scratch...
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    Anyone run a Variac?

    I have a few vintage amps including a 1962 Band Master that wants 113v. My outlets put out between 123-126. I bought an AmpRx Brown Box. One of the best decisions ever. Amps sound better and run MUCH cooler.
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    NAD '65 Fender Deluxe!

    I'd been eyeing this one for a while locally and pulled the trigger yesterday. I'm in the minority but I really dig the non-Reverb Deluxes. Smaller, lighter, cleaner and cheaper than it's reverb brother. This one is a true transition model as it has Post CBS face plates and Pre CBS tube chart...
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    Post Your Historic Bourbon Bursts!

    I hope a Dark Bourbon Fade is ok. 2018 R0
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    Recommendations for a case better than the Lifton 5-latch type for R8

    The new "vintage" cases scare the crap out of me. Last year I bought a LP that came with this SKB Flight case on wheels. It's heavy, but I immediately transfered my R0 to this case. It hugs the entire neck and body. Waterproof, air tight like a Pelican case. Definitely the best case I've seen...
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    NGD! My first Custom Shop. R0

    I've been hunting for "The One" for about 16 years. Life, circumstances, other wants etc kept me from pulling the trigger. Today all the planets aligned. The color I listed after, the top I dreamed of, the perfect neck profile, and a price I would never see again. 2018 R0 Dark Bourbon Fade...
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    Antiquity 2x neck pickups

    My GC had a mispriced set of Antiquities I picked up for $89.00 ea. The catch is they're both neck pickups. I've owned real PAFs, T-Tops, Pat sticker et Al in the past. There were no "neck/bridge" differences with these so I took a chance. I wanted a undereound, airy, honky tone for a bright...
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    NGD! 1974 Byrdland.

    I will admit I have really stubby short fingers. This neck was made for me. Very comfortable and a really nice profile too. Definitely different than a Strat but I find it a lot easier for me. It amazes me that Clapton, with his Alien long fingers was a fan of this model.

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