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    Pagey’s Black Beauty Custom is $20,000?

    I didn't realize that there was another run.
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    Pagey’s Black Beauty Custom is $20,000?

    Page doesn't get a cut of used sales.
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    Are Shaws weaker (vs. other modern options)

    I have a Heritage Std 80 with Shaws. Back in the day had slightly lower output than the T Tops in my 1978 The Paul. My current SGJ has the 61 reissues, and they can be hotter than the Shaws, but I've dropped them to where output is equal. The Shaws have more output than the Pat #s in my 1966...
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    Gibson The Paul..?

    OP, yours in a 77, I had a 78, which I thought was first year production.
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    Pure Kossoff

    The whole thing, aside from the solo, is 2 guitars.
  6. A couple of older guitars

    A couple of older guitars

  7. 335 proc copy.jpg

    335 proc copy.jpg

    1966 ES345
  8. Junior proc copy.jpg

    Junior proc copy.jpg

    1958 TV Special
  9. Les Paul proc copy.jpg

    Les Paul proc copy.jpg

    1980 Heritage Std
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    Aging hardware on the guitar?

    Muriatic acid is the gift that keeps on giving. Ask any FCS Relic owner who has seized bridge screws.
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    How do you address having the bridge pickup with less volume?

    Sounds like every 50s LP I've had in my hands.
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    Question for 70+ year olds..

    Clapton played a Burst because that`s what there was at Selmer`s Music (a salesman sold Eric his personal used instrument against store policy). Clapton wanted a P90 Goldtop like Freddie King`s, but therre wer no Goldtops in the UK at that time.
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    How big is the heel on this? '71 goldtop

    I am really digging how they strung it. I wonder what it sounds like?
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    Quick connect electronics in your guitar 100% kill your tone!

    Thou hast not called mine own name.... If you're gonna King James, do it right.
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    Quick connect electronics in your guitar 100% kill your tone!

    I dropped an SG HP board into my SG-J with 5 wire 61 pickups. Works great, I have taps, splits, and transient suppression, along with lower friction pots with a better taper. Took maybe 10 minutes all told.

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