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    Fett's poll thread, brought to you by CJ.

    Hey, it's almost Friday..... maybe a meltdown will take peoples' attention away...
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    NGD: 2019 Classic Vibe

    Man, I had a CV CAR '60 Strat, Tele Custom, P/J bass.... hell I even had a nice blue Bullet and red Bullet. I'm a big fan of "It ain't what you got, it's how you use it". And since I do set ups, I can make darn near anything play good. While they all went away as I bought, sold and traded I...
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    New Danelectro Guitar

    Corrected yes, I guess that's what I meant but thanks for the clarification. I used to loath heat presses back in the day.
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    Any idea what this kind of flame is called?

    My avatar is an '01 RB, Patty Lou. Yours is more proof of the amazing tops they had that year.
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    New Danelectro Guitar

    Hey, Martin acoustics didn't even HAVE a truss rod until 1973
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Jeeez, I'm old... I remember Dennis back in the day
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    '64 SG Jr. horror show restoration goodness. opinions welcome. pic heavy.

    Those original SG contours are beautiful, understated I agree. Flowing and graceful. Than at some point they got sharp...
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    '64 SG Jr. horror show restoration goodness. opinions welcome. pic heavy.

    Oh, have mercy........... Bloody stunning.
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    Help ID this "Vintage LP"?

    I can ID this easily "I D-CLAIR that is a piece of shit!!"
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    Guitar Pick Disappears

    Look in your dryer
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    New Danelectro Guitar

    Have a Longhorn bass, 2nd one. Great short-scale, wish they reissued the long scale short horn. Ever since I saw Golden Earring live in the '70s I wanted one. Bought one back then, sold it and now a re-ish is back in the studio. Great, identifiable tone and good bang for the buck
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    Gwyneth you genius!

    OH FUCK!!! THAT should be a thing!!!!

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