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    Win a FREE set of Humbuckers

    They sound great !
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    Gibson to buy Mesa Boogie?

    Yeah Mesas take a little more effort to dial in the sound you’re after ... some people think anything that has more knobs than a JMP/800 is “too many” its all in what you’re used to I guess. I’ve owned enough of them to dial one in within minutes..
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    New Les Paul Standard 60s Rosewood Fretboard - should I return it?

    It’s a roll of the dice when it comes to wood. Mother Nature can be a salty bitch... but there’s something to be said about aesthetics ...the color of a fretboard more so than what it’s made of can be a deal breaker for me... I like my rosewood like dark chocolate and my ebony black as coal...
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    NGD: 2006 Gibson CS ‘61 Les Paul/SG Custom

    I totally forgot about the dirty fingers pickup... I wanna put something in the bridge with a little more oomph. I’ll have to reuse the cover to keep the original look. I really think the 3 vol/1 tone setup will be best.. you’ll be able to utilize all 3 in any manner ya see fit..
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    Marshall DSL1 Head Amp-opinions wanted

    I think these are still $399 new US...I’d say jump on it for that sort of coin..
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    Epiphone Korina SG - It's getting better all the time!

    I remember when these came out.. shame they didn’t have a bound neck then
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    Well, it's snowin' down in Texas.....

    My car this morning when I finally was able to take a break...2ish in the morning
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    Well, it's snowin' down in Texas.....

    It’s calling for it here down in Lousyana.. I soon have to leave for work in this crap.. guarantee that there will be some accidents on the side of the road on my commute.. If it’s not sunny and dry, people forget how to operate a motor vehicle lol
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    FS: CME T-Type Pickups

    With my cheap little meter I have they’re both showing about 7.35k ..
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    FS: CME T-Type Pickups

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    NGD: My Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Figured Showed Up!

    Looks like my old trad is among good company!
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    NGD: 2006 Gibson CS ‘61 Les Paul/SG Custom

    Technically it came in Thursday of this week but anyhow.. after selling a couple of LPs recently I had in mind to give a R9 a shot again. Couldn’t really find one that caught my interest. I stumbled across this and thought that.. I’ve always wanted one of these and the time was never right. As...
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    WTB: Gibson Historic SG case black/burgundy interior

    Im looking for the older LP/SG reissue case.. black outer with the wine/burgundy interior.. the cleaner the better but it doesn’t have to be pristine.. I’m bidding on one through eBay but I’d rather just buy one outright than to wait on it.. if I can help it.. Basically one like this...the...

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