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    FS: 2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - PRICE DROP!

    I wouldn’t mind having this ma self... shouldnt stick around for much longer I’d imagine... been selling some gear lately.. just my plexi clone left to move before I’m shopping again.
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    Gen Zr's Quitting

    it’s not bragging about behind taken advantage of. we are guaranteed 80 hrs a check whether we work the full 80 or not.. but we work 88. For those 8 hours over, our salary is broken down into an hourly rate and that’s what’s paid for said hours as I explained in a previous post.
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    Gen Zr's Quitting

    lmao yep I get every other weekend off... and sure... we could use some good employees
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    Gen Zr's Quitting

    Well with schedule we work... one week ya work 36hrs and get paid 40. The second week ya work 48 and get paid 48. For those 8hrs the salary is broken down to an hourly rate and you get paid that for anything passed 40. So it’s always recommended to work over time days on your long week..
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    guitar replicas

    Even if it has a blank headstock.. the amount of work and cost it takes to make one relatively playable.. plus the electronics are typically garbage so that’s another added cost. just as well by an Epiphone.. and probably save money at that..
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    Gen Zr's Quitting

    I’m of the X crowd.. a large portion of my coworkers are 10 years or more younger than me.. you can clearly see that work ethic is dying... they hope the line they’re working on goes down so they can ride the clock for 12hrs.. we are in a position where we aren’t getting applicants left and...
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    SOLD - FS: Epiphone Bjorn Gelotte "Jotun" Les Paul Custom $550 ppd/shipped

    Bought this a few months ago.. just looking to sell and try something new.. plays great and it’s super clean. Chunky ‘59 neck. Only modifications are the addition of dunlop strap locks and I swapped the truss rod cover with a blank one. It’ll include the original strap buttons with Epiphone...
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    Have Mercy! ZZ Top @ Shreveport Municipal Auditorium Nov 9th.

    Welp, bad news fellas... apparently the mobile transfer ticket I bought turned out to be a will call ticket. They don’t allow will call ticket sales on stub hub because they can’t verify that I’ll get it... so with that, they refunded me... totally blows but.. just wasn’t meant to be.. they...
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    Have Mercy! ZZ Top @ Shreveport Municipal Auditorium Nov 9th.

    I’m gonna try real hard to not be that guy who videos the whole thing but I will have to bend that rule for Sharp Dressed Man..:eek2:
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    I havent slept in three days.

    About 11 years ago I was weighing in at about 377lbs. At a 5’9 height.. unhealthy is an understatement..what prompted me to make a change was that I’d get home from a job that wasn’t very physical. I’d doze off on the couch and I’d wake up gasping for air. Found out through my job at the time...
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    Have Mercy! ZZ Top @ Shreveport Municipal Auditorium Nov 9th.

    I’m about 35 miles south of Alexandria..