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    The Official Les Paul Lemon Burst Thread

    Here is my R9 in Dirty Lemon and R8 in Lemon Burst:
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    Modified my Slash Les Paul

    Nice! I say it all the time: Slash are as close as you can get to Custom Shop. Here is mine:
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    Question concerning selling some of my guitars.

    I am really sorry to hear about your stroke. I totally get what you are trying to do. On another note, let me know what you want for your Epiphone 2021 Joe Bonamassa Les Paul 59 Lazarus. Maybe I can help by buying one of yours. Cheers and God Bless.
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    Where is Gibson Getting This Wood - AAA I Don't Think So

    I can't figure out why the Standard is now basically the same price as a Slash as I feel you get a ton more with the Slash model. I love mine and it has a killer top!
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    '15 Les Paul is #1

    Very nice. Hey, I love my '15 Trad! From mine to yours - Cheers!
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    Looking for a good, small at home practice tube amp

    Marshall DSL1HR 1-watt Tube Head
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    NGD 2020 Les Paul Standard 60s

    Congrats! Love those Unbursts! They always have a killer top!
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    Haggling with Online Retailers

    As many have mentioned, form a relationship with a Rep at a dealership you like. After a few purchases, they usually give a good deal on something you want. I know my guy at Sweetwater quoted me a price on a R9 they had coming in in a couple months. A few days later, someone backed out of a M2M...
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    Post Your Unburst/Honey Burst /Light Burst - Unburst Lovers Thread

    I send out a Happy Tequila Friday pic every week to family and friends. This week, I sent out one with my '15 Trad Honeyburst that has a monster top. Cheers!
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    Here my new LP Standard 60's Triburst

    Congrats and Welcome! She is a beauty!
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    Just read where Gibson is raising their prices next week…

    Looks as though dealerships are raising their Les Paul Standard prices to $2699, even those in stock. Interesting that the Slash Model has no been effected and a better option now.
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    New Guitar Day!!!

    That is awesome! Play her and enjoy every minutes. Well done and Congrats! Love Customs! Les Paul and Paul with Paul's Les Paul.
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    Too many Les Paul's?....blasphemy, I say there's never enough Les Pauls one can own...

    In all honesty, I don't know off the top of my head how many I have. I enjoy collecting guitars and have a "Guitar Cave" that I have them all displayed. All of them are ready to play instantly. It is my hobby and I care little what others think. My wife often goes in and spends time looking at...
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    Upgrading my Traditional Vs purchasing a brand new R9

    I totally get it as I own a couple Trads and a R9. Is the R9 that much better? Yup. However, if can offer a different suggestion: Try a Slash. I think mine is as close as you can get to a Custom Shop as you can get and still save some money. My Slash and R9 get almost all the playing I do. Here...
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    58 Custom VOS returned. Thoughts/advice?

    Very interesting thread (Thanks for something new) - I own a '19 R8, a '20 Slash, and a '20 R9 and I actually prefer my Slash to my R8 to tell you the truth. I've said it a million times on here: The Slash is as close to a Custom Shop as you can get. I've been tempted to sell my R8 because I...

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