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    What GLP are you using as a phone background?

    I love my Les Pauls but my lock screens and wallpapers are my Pups. They are my world.:)
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    What was the first Les Paul song you learned?

    I don't remember but it was probably something off High n Dry
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    Who Has An LP Classic Olive Drab - I Can't Stop Looking At Them

    Wow. I've never seen that color on a Classic before and I think it's awesome.
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    Rescued Les Paul!

    You now have the coolest Studio I've ever seen. It's begging for stage lights.
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    Advice on my first LP...

    I used to love the heavier Les Pauls, but as the bastard we call age creeps in and back problems pop up I find myself gravitating towards the 8-9 pound ones. 11 pounds is pretty heavy but if you don't think it would bother you go for it. I'd get a wide padded strap for it though.
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    $800 Les Paul Classic Facebook Marketplace Find

    I added an edit to my post. Wrong guitar. Sorry! Carry on!
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    $800 Les Paul Classic Facebook Marketplace Find

    Great score! I'd probably put a Bigsby back on it since to tops already been drilled. That's just me though, Enjoy it! EDIT: Oops. Wrong thread on FB Marketplace find. Though there was one on a GT that had a Bigsby on it once.
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    Japanese SG

    I'll look into those! Thanks!
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    Before and After

    Is that you? :run:
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    Loose Toggle Switch

    Considering that's one of the first places for a Les Paul to get a ding, I wouldn't give it another thought if it's going to be a player.
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    Before and After

    Lighten up Francis. People are just funnin'
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    Before and After

    Federal. N.O.S....of course.
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    Before and After

    C'mon guys, it's pretty obvious the OP switched to sealed pickup bearings.
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    Japanese SG

    I saw that. I love Bacchus but I'm going to hold out for a trans cherry for now. Thanks!
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    Japanese SG

    I appreciate it. Right now I have my heart set on a 2 pickup trans cherry. If I change my mind I'll give you a shout.

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