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    dont drive like an a*shole

    I believe you are both missing the point. No doubt Mario has much better skills than the 'average' driver. But the fact remains that there are 'average' drivers everywhere--- and many below average drivers. And they clutter the same roads. So it isn't Mario I am worried about. I've spent a...
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    dont drive like an a*shole

    Mario is Mario on a controlled circuit where there are no grandmas driving wonky 78 LTDs. Sorry, but this is a ‘lowest (reasonably) common denominator’ scenario when it comes to traffic laws— IMHO.
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    dont drive like an a*shole

    I didn't need to see that in that much detail.
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    Passing Notes While Soloing In Key

    I don’t have an instrument in front of me, but I’d have a difficult time thinking of those chords as G Major. I’d need to understand the rhythm- but I doubt I have much of a vocabulary for making a good lead line out of that progression... aside from embellishing whatever melody is already in...
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    Passing Notes While Soloing In Key

    You can play blues in ‘G Major’ and use both the major and minor 3rds- depending on the chords used, so it isn’t very useful to think of playing in ‘G Major.’ Further, the ‘passing tones’ change depending on chords. Plus jazz and blues break all the rules anyway— to the point where it might not...
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    Black Metal Barbie

    Ken Vikernes doll sold separately. I know this is intended to be funny- but too many people around here take the local black metal scene a bit too seriously.
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    Any Rammstein lovers here?

    These guys are in their mid-50s- and still deliver. What rock band has more testosterone right now? Not GvF! I tried to get tix, but they are sold out. Maybe a quick trip to Prague to see them?
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    How important are nibs?

    I like nibs— they make me feel like I have a higher end Gibson— That said- my three Gibsons with nibs are each a bit different in how they are executed. My R8 is very subtle and well-executed. My Custom Lite is a bit overdone. I own nine guitars and play with a light touch- have never...
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    Paying the Price for a Gibson

    I just buy used. It is more of an adventure that way. I’v purchased three used Les Pauls and two SGs— and all but one were local purchases.
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    sad (probably nsfw)

    Crippled? He looked like he was getting up st the end of the video? Is there more to the story?
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    sad (probably nsfw)

    A sucker punch is closer to ‘attempted murder.’ I thought the kids showed restraint. They could have done much worse.
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    Late NGD: Squier 70's Jaguar

    I had a US model with blocks, binding, nitro— loved the look. I had a love/hate relationship with its quirks. After getting a Gretsch with a Bigsby, I sold mine. Now I regret it- getting back into surfy music- not the same without single coils.
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    GG Allin

    I don’t know who is worse: GG or Varg Vikernes.
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    Game of Thrones Guitars..

    Buyers? Presumably these are collector guitars. No one buys one to be a workhorse. If you look at the whole situation, who is the potential market? You have a sky high price, it rides on a very trendy pop-culture phenomenon that has yet to be cannonized, etc. This isn’t Star Wars or even...
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    Game of Thrones Guitars..

    Game of what? In 30 years, will anyone care?