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    Kauer Starliner Express - price reduced

    still available
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    SOLD - please delete

    I don't have calipers, but it is a thinner 58. Closer to a 59.
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    Tired of your lifestyle?

    Set your underwear on fire Underwear
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    Gender reveal party sparks wildfire ...

    Looks like this now
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    Moving to hell

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    What happened to my back?

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    Such a bad luck

    Wait -- you're supposed to wash your underwear?
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    Moving to hell

    This whole state is s shit hole run by shitty people We're planning an exodus in the spring
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    Killer Joe with Matthew McConaughey

    What an awesome performance. Love the way the husband puked Future Note to self: decline any dinner invitations from Mr. McConaughey
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    Duncan Jazz and JB pickups -- New/Unused

    I have a Duncan Jazz neck (SH-2N) and a JB (SH-4) I bought new and never used. Nickel covers and 4 conductor. *** Payment pending ***
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    SOLD - please delete

    I am selling my 58 Les Paul Reissue. 2016 model in ebony. If you hold the guitar at certain angles, you can see that there is a highly flamed maple top underneath. Not sure why they painted an ebony finish over such a nice top. It's really hard to photograph but did the best I could. The...
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    Rest in peace Black Panther

    How ill was he when he was making the Marvel movies?
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