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    Gibson LP studio faded vs Epiphone LP custom

    the gibson is a great guitar for the money, and i would take any gibson over any epi.
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    New model Gibson LP Jr. at GC today......$699!!

    I would get one just to refinish! I always wanted a blue sparkle junior!
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    Worst guitar purchase!

    thats the exact same story with me! Except it was directly given to me 3 years ago for christmas. That suzuki hummingbird copy was the best gift I have ever gotten.
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    Why is the DC hated?

    is he afraid of dinging it or something?
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    Les Paul Heritage Award

    that a AAAAA top? it looks terrible for that "high" of a quality. Not my thing but whatever.
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    Fake custom on display in NYC hard rock cafe!!!!

    Im happy about that. I wouldnt want a genuine one going to waste behind a glass case for people to look at.
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    Post your ebony lp standards

    First thread ive seen with almost all pickguards on. Nice!
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    The delivery man just brought this in today

    i always wanted a gibson stool, itd be perfect for playing!
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    How much for a 15 year old?

    I think the best username would be ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡GIGGITYGIGGITYGIGGITYHALFSTACKANDAHONEYBURSTGIGGITYGIGGITYGOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That would be epic.
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    Blue Gibson les paul

    yeah its not real. I would never buy anything off of ioffer. They're a breeding ground for fakes.
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    Sorry guys - another opinion on ebay guitar thread

    yeah, i thought it was just wine red under different lighting but i guess i was wrong.
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    PRS Nite at the Shop

    Oh. My. God.
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    Sorry guys - another opinion on ebay guitar thread

    a bit expensive for america's market but im sure thats a good price in the UK. Looks good to me!
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    "Affordable" Vintage

    Id buy a cherry red 1959 les paul junior doublecut. They are beautiful guitars and usually run around 8k from what ive seen lately.
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    ¡First Big Tech Job with Photos!

    Congrats! thats awesome, always great to be rewarded for the things you do!

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