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    Dumb stunt #251

    Badge of honor. Maybe just leave it? Shows how tough Teles are! :acoustic:
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    I think there might also be a "Jimmy Page" Hiwatt amp - No?
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    *** 1950's ABR1 Saddles ***

    Here's a link. No affiliation, etc, etc. ;) FOUR UNCLES ABR1 REPLICA BRIDGE-MOST ACCURATE IN THE WORLD - YouTube
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    *** 1950's ABR1 Saddles ***

    Here's the link...
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    1956 Gold Top Re-Finish

    Congrats. I'd want a proper gold top re-applied. Here's a thread that may be worthwhile to read.
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    I'm 58 as well. :yesway: Although, I bought my first R8 in 2005, at age 42. My first Gibson was a 71 (?) Sunburst Les Paul deluxe that I bought used in 1982, (at age 19) or thereabouts.
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    61 or 62?

    This might help...
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    Will these Kluson tuners fit a '65 SG?

    Yes, they should if your SG hasn't been modified. (tuner holes drilled out for another type) Is your SG a Junior? This style was used for Juniors; although a 65 would probably have had dual line Klusons.
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    61 or 62?

    Can we have some more pictures of the guitar? If it's a junior, and it has a lightning bolt bridge, that would suggest a 62, I believe. The heel photo you shared also looks more like a 62.
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    Boss TU-6 buffered…?

    You joker. :laugh2: I'll venture to say that it's buffered. (?)
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    Boss TU-6 buffered…?

    And.... Is it buffered or not? :dunno:
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    T-Tops vs. Wizz vs. Monty's

    Hi Don. Sounds like you have quite a few potentially great sounding pickups to try out in that guitar. I know you're a professional with a soldering iron, so I'd suggest (like others have said) that you swap in those replacements on hand and give em a try. Fwiw, I'd probably start with the...
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    Hot Sauce!

    My favorite all-around hot sauce (for quite a few years) is Marie Sharp's "No wimps allowed". It adds a nice flavour and a bit of heat. For when I want extra fire, I use Dave's "Insanity"! You have to be very careful with this stuff - Just one drop is enough to give some nice heat and flavour.
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    New Amp Day: Vintage '65 Princeton

    Cool, congrats man! :applause: Btw, does it say Fender Electric or Fender Musical on the faceplate?
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    All sold.

    Talisman has been sold. Still have this very cool and great sounding 1979 silver screw DS-1. :beer:

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