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    Stew Mac Color Tone Coral Reef Blue

    listen to the man....believe me.^^^
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    changes at stew mac

    they range 100 to 120ish from what little i looked. i've had no problems with their old fact i just fired up a set of their old p90's today and they sound great. never used 90's before, but these are clean and crisp and have a wide range with tone adjustments.
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    changes at stew mac

    90 pc of what i build is lp style, so no worries. thanks.
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    changes at stew mac

    i just bought a set of sd 59's from a forum member. my first set of sd's, or anything non SM for that matter. anxious to hear them
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    changes at stew mac

    as many of you have, i received a notification from SM that they now have their new house brand pickups in stock. looks like they will be about the same as seymour duncans and other comparable brands to sd. looks like time for me to change. had no problems with the older sm, but for the same...
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    Strange Guitars, A Les Paul BFG

    being quite a novice to guitars in general, i had never heard of these. did they use beavers to route out the pup cavities?
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    My nº1 gets a new fretboard painting the walls in a room, only to find the ceiling now sticks out like a sore thumb. then theirs the old receptacles, switches and plates. ohh, did i forget the light fixture?
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    Is grain filler needed over a satin finish?

    be sure and clean the top before spraying. remove any film or deposits it has accumulated. naptha works great for it. use clean white cloth and keep turning the cloth and check that it is 'clean' when you're done. do not use lacquer thinner or acetone for this, as it will melt the finish and...
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    Les Paul build help

    major rule to remember in any's easier to remove wood than to add it back. ease into it.
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    Les Paul build help

    look at the drawing peter posted. pay attention to the flat plane of the fretboard where it intersects the bridgelocation. you can best chek that with the neck in place, but i see you haven't gone that far yet, but ultimately, the most important thing is not actual degree of neck angle, so...
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    Les Paul build help

    close....but typically, the top is brought down to 3/16 all the way around with the carving process, then a 1/4" route is made for the binding set for appropriate binding thickness. that way the seam where the maple meets the back wood is covered by apx 1/16". you can leave it like that, but...
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    Les Paul build help

    and i believe most builders carve the top (leaving 3/16 all the way around, except of course where it crawls up in the horn area, then plane the neck angle, being sure it is 3/16 above the body/cap joint as peter pointed out and showed on diagram, plane the pickup angle, then route for binding...
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    My nº1 gets a new fretboard

    clean indeed...very nice looking board
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    How long would you wait?

    as you all know, i'm just a hobbyist, rookie, but from a mechanical standpoint, i'd think that even though i understand the top coat 'melts' into the base, i would think that since the base has been adequately cured, flattened and stable, the only shrinkage would occur in the top coat....and the...
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    sourcing pickups


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