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    Les Paul, Reaper, a few Fosters tall boys = This tune

    Hey guys, Just wrapped up this tune, been working on it for a few days. Give me your feedback on it, I don't think it's done yet and it definitely needs vocals. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Testing Dystopia - YouTube
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    Feds raid Gibson!

    Gibson Guitar plant in Nashville, Memphis raided today | The Tennessean | Weird
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    Just got back from the Clutch show..i have pics

    Awesome, thanks for the pics.
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    Zakk's Newist

    Cool head stock, hate the paint job.
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    Recommend some new Les Paul heavy music to me!

    Black Label Society
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    My vote would be for the hellraiser as it has higher quality components. Spend a bit more, get a lot more guitar: Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar: Shop Guitars & Other Musical Instruments | Musician's Friend
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    country licks! now I'm scared

    Nice Freddy! Sounds great. Awesome tone too man!!:applause:
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    Mostly Pentatonic?

    Depends on the context. Definitely a lot of minor pentatonic, but in actuality - I blend the aeolian and dorian scales together. If I'm playing in a major blues context I'll throw Mixolydian mode, minor pentatonic, dorian, aeolian and major pentatonic into a blender and out comes music.
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    Charlie Sheen Demands $3 Million Per Episode

    He's starting to sound like Gary Buesy
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    fake white LP custom???

    What a gorgeous guitar, I'd offer him 'fitty cents for it.
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    Bad guitar teachers

    Stop practicing solo stuff and really start taking rhythm playing seriously. If you know your major scale then you should be able to harmonize all 7 chords in the scale. Start there, mess around with the progressions.
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    Reaper questions

    YouTube - Tutorials For Reaper | Elastic Audio in Reaper | Warp Audio Like Pro Tools | Sync Vocals You can do "flex time" like things with Reaper as this video explains.
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    Cool, thanks for this list!
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    What Program Should I Use?

    REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits
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    Reaper questions

    Wow, I'm looking at some of these features on Logic. I have a brand new Mac Book Pro and I haven't even thought about using it for recording. This is making me think twice. I can't believe how easy it is to replace or double drums.

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