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    Heartache and Heartbreak

    Ive had that happen to me before as well. Just have to jump when you find the right one. Of course finding the right one is much more difficult on the internet because you only see pics and maybe hear someone else play it (which probably will sound different in your hands). Keep up the...
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    Upgrading from a Standard Historic to a True Historic

    Its predominantly feel. Most of that line was blurred when they started rolling the necks of the standards in 2016. I love the TH's and have owned 9 of them (still have 8). However, my 2016 standard is so close in feel that it might as well be a TH. If I were looking at getting another LP, I...
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    What was your Gibson M2M experience?

    I had a pretty good experience with my M2M order. Mine took from Nov 16 to Apr 17 It was delayed a couple months as it was held hostage while my dealer and Gibson worked out their annual dealership payment. I wanted a burl top, so I didnt have a large selection of tops to choose from, but...
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    Tell Me About Scale Length

    Actually, there is a Les Paul long scale that sports the 25.5 scale as well. From what I can tell it's not a big seller. However they are easily identified because they have the split parallelograms for inlays...
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    An odd behaviour with my new 59

    I have one that does something similar. It has a wired ABR bridge, and the wire is hitting the string and causes that harmonic. I totally dig the sound, and it's only on 1 historic. (probably only have one with a wired bridge).
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    2016 Custom Flame top new or 2003 R8 plaintop Minty?

    That'd most likely be a short neck tenon on that custom, and maybe no ebony. (unless its a cherry 68). I agree with the others. Keep the R8.
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    Congrats on that Jon!!! Don't let it loose in the wild again. These Shanks love a stable home with lots of attention.
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    2018 RI...will it bleed?

    While not a 2018, my 2016 bleeds, but nowhere near as much as my cherry backed TH's.
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    I'm going to hang my R8 on the wall, but...

    Because laws are meant to be broken and theories just meant to be proved? I'm more wondering what kind of life this Murphy lead to be the blame for all random unwanted ill in the world.
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    I'm going to hang my R8 on the wall, but...

    I live in Campbell, so same climate. I keep a lot of guitars (of various makes) hanging on the wall, including historics. I've not experienced any negative effects from hanging other than needing to dust them periodically. I'm not one to vary climate much in the house. I leave my temp at...
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    NGD 2005 Eric Clapton Crossroads 335

    That's awesome Crotch. Congrats! Sweet EC collection. Have you sought out a "Fool" SG yet?
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    Well, It Has Arrived - 57' RI In Pelham Blue (Pics Added)

    Looks so good with the natural back. Just Pops! Super beautiful. :-)
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    NGD: 2011 '57 White Custom

    That is so cool!! Congrats on that find. The CB's part is pretty sweet too. I thought those came about in 2012 with the "Factory bursts".
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    NGD: 2016 M2M (TH?) R7 Candy Apple Red VOS

    Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats on that. Hard to tell the plastics from the pics. I always sorta go with knobs feel. Do the knobs feel like they have hard/sharp edges, or do they feel all glassy? Glassy=TH Hard/Sharp=regular
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    Wasn’t going to, but...17 Murphy Aged/Painted

    Wow!!! I really like that one. I can see why you were tempted. Congrats!!!!

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