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    What is the English word for this?

    around here if you call someone your "partner" and you are not specific in saying he or she, you are gay, only gay people call their spouse their "partner" . Plus it really sounds gay as well .
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    Got a hamer satf and I want to install a pickguard

    like the title says i got a nice hamer satf the other day and I really like it. I want to install a pickguard . any of you guys done this. it looks like a Les Paul guard will fit but I am sure I will have to mod it some. Tell me what you think.
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    Wow, Strats really don't sound all that bad !!!...

    I like both les pauls and strats but when it comes to tone , a strat will win out every time to my ears. There is just something about the neck pup on a strat that screams tone that makes your pants wiggle a little bit.
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    I call it my " white out Strat"

    thank you all for your kind words about my strat
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    Will the USA ban Tobacco?

    I hope not , I love my copenhagen
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    I call it my " white out Strat"

    yes it is the david gilmour kit, sounds awesome
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    Well, They sure have a reason for calling it a special

    I dig it. I would like it in a goldtop with cream plastic
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    NGD! Found me another Strat!

    sweet , fender strats are my fav
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    I call it my " white out Strat"

    It started life as a MIM deluxe fat strat and the middle pup died so... I bought a David Gilmour pg with DG20 active pups now she is great.
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    when to change a tube in a valvestate?

    thank you for your replies
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    when to change a tube in a valvestate?

    damn 16 views and no answer , I guess nobody knows the valvestate , oh well , I will take to my tech someday I guess
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    when to change a tube in a valvestate?

    I have a avt 50 halfstack and it makes a strange noise while warming up then it stops. I thought it may be a fan or something but I noticed I turned it off and in a minute turned it back on and it did not do it so it makes me think tube. any experience with this would help.
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    Screaming Tone at bedroom levels now possible!

    I have a halfstack that I play in my house
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    Beck disses LP's

    to me a strat is better on cleans and a LP is better with distortion. I like both. Would I say that LPs are sissy guitars? hell no they are to damn heavy for sissys
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    Strat with DG20 emgs

    I picked up a David Gilmour emg prewired pickguard and put it on my strat , the tone on these things are amazing. Never had any active pups before but it sure seems the way to go now that I have them.

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