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    Jcm 800.

    Thanks for the advice guys. But anyway I'm gonna try the amp thing, :shock: Just not plug it in till all safety checks been done. I wanna try cause i hope to find i might be good at it.:hmm: This probably sounds crazy.
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    Jcm 800.

    Thinking about making a JCM 800 :shock: To me, even though i don't have much electrical skills, it didn't look entirely impossible for myself. :hmm: If that makes sense. One question, if you had a switcher box with leads plugged into the HI and LO inputs of this amp, would that work as a...
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    Just Wondering.

    So anyway, i thought about it, and i decided i want to learn how to build amps. Where is the best way to start with this?:hmm:
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    Just Wondering.

    SO i'm not from the 'good water' area?:shock:
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    Just Wondering.

    :shock: What's that supposed to mean? :D @Dennis: I mean like design ideas, nothing really new in the amp part, maybe some different sounds but nothing really original.
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    Just Wondering.

    Ha ha i guess so. Thanks. :D
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    Just Wondering.

    If i wanted to start an amp company(not saying I do) Just if i did, are there people out there i can pay to help me design and make amps for the company and they are employed or whatever. Cause I have no clue about amps. Just ideas. :shock:
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    Spanish community, heads up :)

    I think you guys are being incredibly narrow minded. I think its a great thing people speak other languages, and i don't see why you guys are shunning that fact. Maybe there could be a subforum made, something like the backstage, where people can communicate in their languages and ask questions...
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    Do tube amps always need an input?

    Maybe he just wants to see stuff turned on...:shock:
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    I am not sure why text speak is so bothersome

    XD i actually like that and can read it. Does that make me weird?:shock:
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    Yngwie Malmsteen Wound Pickups – Haiti Benefit

    He should have made a whole guitar then sold it. And yes those pickups do make you faster.:shock:
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    Who here plays metal?

    Didn't i write a thread about this?:shock: Stealers.
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    Happy australia day!!!

    Not sure if I'm feeling the love. but ok. Happy Aussie Day. mate
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    I'm kinda P.O.'d right now

    +1 Doing your mum.
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    LP Nuclear Extreme

    Reminds me of something out of Fallout 3...:shock:

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