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  • Hi Scott,
    I realize this was an old thread but I have a question about the freezer checking if you don't mind. I know in one of the post you said you put it in and out of he freezer a few times. Can you please elaborate on how much time it was left in the freezer and the actual amount of times you did this. I follow all your work and I would like to say it is spectacular.......

    Hi Ex, I loved watching your youtube video on carving a LP top using your templates. Thank you for sharing. Would you happen to have a 3D model of your LP that you would be willing to share or I would be willing to purchase from you. I have been unable to model one in Solidworks and your bodies are the best! Thanks in advance
    Looks like Ex took all those videos down from youtube. I can find them at all. There was a lot of good building techniques in those. Im guessing he took them down because he felt like he was exposing trade secrets. Its unfortunate.
    Hi Ex, Do you have the carving lines for that amazing SG/Les Paul hybrid you built?
    Hey Ex, Do you still have the carving lines for the LP top that you had on here a bit back? I had it but cannot find it, and wanted to know if I could get it from you again.
    Thanks, Kevin
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