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    Nice guitar. Welcome. Sorry I can't think of anything else to say right now, but have fun with your new weapon.
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    NGD (new goldtop day)

    Congrats! HNGD!
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    NGD: Epi LP Junior Sunburst. :)

    Congrats. HNGD! My junior is a 2006 model with the p-90 pickup. The only thing I have changed is the tuners, replaced them with grover mini's that I happened to already have. They are really great guitars for the price.
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    Indonesian or chinese G-400?

    My G-400 is a 1998 model, built in korea, if memory serves. It was a high school graduation present. Itsa definitely not the prettiest looking SG, but definitely does not have any veneer on it. 3 piece body. Sounds great, but since I bought it in 98, my tonal tastes have changed to where I now...
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    Help me choosing the right les paul....

    If you can, try out as many different guitars as you can get your hands on. you will know when one feels right in your hands. I want to echo what has already been said regarding prices: if it seems like an extemely low price, there is a good chance that its not a genuine epi. there are a lot...
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    YANGD - LP Std Plus Top Pro

    Agree with Barcham, its veneer. But thats not really a bad thing. Its just a cost saving measure to make the backs look good like the tops. I stripped the finish off fo an ebony standard, and it also had a veneer on the back, even though it was painted over. of course it probably started out...
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    Twins! Pic Heavy Strat and PlusTop Content

    Man those pickups were a nice surprise. Congrats on a good score. HNGD!
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    Les Paul Head Stock Question.

    I want to say its 15 degrees, but my memory could be wrong.
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    wow, i had no idea that "inlay" stickers even existed.
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    NGD...Well, 5 Days Ago

    Congrats! HNGD
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    Need Input from Epi LP Standard Owners

    Looking forward to seeing those pics! Congratulations!
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    Seymour Duncan JB or Distortion for Epi Les Paul Standard?

    I have a screamin' demon in one of my guitars, and I have to say that it is also a really good all around pickup.
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    Seymour Duncan JB or Distortion for Epi Les Paul Standard?

    I think the JB is a better all-around choice, but if you are only gonna play metal, then go for the distortion. Just my 2 cents.
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    Need Input from Epi LP Standard Owners

    I think they are great guitars. I put a GFS mean-90 in the bridge position of mine, because I prefer the sound of a p-90 to a humbucker. Other than that and a setup, i haven't had to do a thing to mine, and it is one of my favorite guitars. hard to beat 'em for the price.
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    Refurbished/Used/Seconds Epis on Ebay?

    Don't know about the Epi's, but I bought a Squier Classic Vibe 50's model that was new but stamped "used". It had a couple dings in the finish, but was otherwise brand new. For the price, it was too good to pass up. It is a perfectly playable guitar, and the blemishes are only noticeable upon...

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