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    50th Anniversary Epi Custom?

    Hi all, looking at a 50th anniversary Epi Custom. Anybody here have any experience with one? Are they decent? I think it was made in Korea. It looks to be in pretty good shape, what would be the value, with the hard shell case? Thanks!!
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    Wtb Black LP ish…..

    Hi all looking for a black Les Paul, could be a Gibson Studio, an Epi custom, LTD EC-1000, Agile…..on the cheap, lmk.
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    Kramer Baretta C-Plate?

    Hi, any one here interested in my road worn, scoff joint fixed c-plate Kramer Baretta? Might be looking for a Les Paul in wine red.....
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    Late '80's Gibson USA Satin Jacket?

    HAHA, too funny, no I wasn't lol, it's actually like new.....
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    Late '80's Gibson USA Satin Jacket?

    Hi all, I have a late '80's black Gibson satin jacket, that was worn twice, it's a size large and just say's "Gibson USA" on the back in this thing worth anything?
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    Fender Books?

    Just Stratocaster, but what a great book....w/cd: The Stratocaster Chronicles: Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Strat: Tom Wheeler: 9780634056789: Books
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    NGD=Malmsteen \m/

    It was $1499 with a tweed case, strap, strap locks & a cable.
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    Fav colour strat

    Vintage White:
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    NGD=Malmsteen \m/

    Saw this, thought I'd share:
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    NGD=Malmsteen \m/

    It is my first scalloped guitar and I love it, felt weird at first, but then it kind of makes sense, bends high up on the neck are effortless and smooth, and fretting the chords is different but still great, people say if you press too hard the chord will go sharp, so I tried to do that with a D...
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    NGD=Malmsteen \m/

    Here is my new 2014 Malmsteen Stratocaster, great quality, fit, finish, sound, feel, the whole 9 yards, really good set-up straight from the factory as well & one of the only, or at least first, crushed red velvet case interior that I've seen, pretty cool.
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    Any Kramer love here?

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    White Customs are COOL!!

    Love mine: But it is a '89 MIK EPI: But my '98 Gibby likes it:
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    So what is with Cherry Sunburst?

    I like my '98 Standard, when I would think of a classic Les Paul this would always come to mind.
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    What changes would you like to see in the Epiphone product line?

    +1 on the "open book", like my '89 MIK:

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