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    ABR-1 Bridge??

    Pigtail for sure
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    England or Italy??

    I love the sport but all the violence/racism just ruins it. No need for it whatsoever.
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    England or Italy??

    I have to go for Italy. As a fervent (non-English) fan of a lower-end Premier League club, I personally cannot stand the players who make up the England squad as I have to suffer watching them destroy my club all season long. I would love to see them heartbroken tonight. Go Italy!!
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    England or Italy??

    So, who will win tonight?
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    Creamtone Issues

    Wow can’t believe what I’ve read in this thread. These one-man-shops need to be done. Reminds me of Andy at BadMojo Makeovers. Only difference is he flat out stole my R6. What’s with these jokers?!?!?
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    Switch cover medallion

    I sold mine for $40 when I got my ‘17 reissue. Don’t see the point of them, I wanted the plain black backplate. I can’t believe what I see some people list them for.
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    High end Replica vs Vintage

    Perhaps this should be moved to the vintage or other single cut section
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    Throbak covers dont fit OX4's which ones do?

    I would also like to know this as I have a set of OX4s but wish the covers were nicer/more accurate
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    NGD: 1960 Schulte LP replica

    I ordered some medium wind OX4 pickups for this guitar. It currently has Van Zandt pickups. They sound good, but I would like something that are closer PAF spec
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    Pickups OX4 Throbak Others

    I ordered the OX4 medium winds lightly aged. Thanks!!
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    FS: Aged Telecaster partscaster

    Yes I’d say a C. Similar to a Gibson 60s profile
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    FS: Aged Telecaster partscaster

    If anyone wants the guitar but without the case I could do $650 guitar only.

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