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    Choosing the right PAF clones for my Les Paul's character...

    Talk to James at ReWind Electric. He is the man with the knowledge who can make something perfect for you. @cooljuk
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    And you can add Badmojo Makeovers to that list as well. See the threads in “the custom shop” section on this forum
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    Les Paul R8 values

    Asking price and selling price are usually different.
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    2011 ESP Vintage Plus Japan S Style

    Will do, thanks!!
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    2011 ESP Vintage Plus Japan S Style

    Thanks for the response. I’m considering this guitar along with a few others. I’m looking to decide in about a week. Just taking my time to weigh the options out there. If I decide to make you an offer I’ll pm you, provided it is still for sale at that point. Thanks!!
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    Anyone talk to Andy at Bad Mojo Makeovers lately?

    Disconnected. A long time ago...
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    BadMojo Makeovers no contact

    Yep he has my R6. He seems to reply to one out of every 4 or 5 emails I send him, but he has gone dark lately. I’ve done multiple projects with him and he has always done a good honest job. But for whatever reason, I am positively convinced I will never see my R6 again. He took down his website...
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    2011 ESP Vintage Plus Japan S Style

    What is the neck like, in terms of thickness?
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    Les Paul R8 values

    “Forum price” would be 2200-2500, “reverb, ebay, GC price” would be 2500-3000. Reissues seem to sell for a little less on the forums, a little more through other channels.
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    Delete please

    Very good looking guitar there, I don’t blame you for jumping on it. Be sure to post pics in the sun as I’m sure it will make that top look even better!
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    FS: 1998 players grade '57 Les Paul Junior Custom Shop Reissue

    Hello everyone, For your consideration is a 1998 players grade (headstock repair) custom shop LP junior singlecut. Here is a link to the Reverb ad with pictures: Price is $1399 for my MLP brothers and sisters out...
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    need help on this Les paul junior 59

    I am SO sorry to read how this has turned out for you! Over the years I’ve purchased 5 or 6 vintage guitars from them and they have all been accurately represented in terms of originality, changed parts, etc. Heath has also been a pleasure to deal with each time. Granted, I am semi-local (3...
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    2011 R9 Inlays type help

    Swirled acrylic
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    need help on this Les paul junior 59

    Looks good to me, Rock N Roll Vintage are great guys to deal with as well. I’ve bought many guitars from them over the years. Good luck!!

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