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    Dimarzio conversion?

    So, it has been a while now. Had a busy time with recording with my band, shooting the official music video. And there we have it, the music video where the goldtop with the pickup is not shown but all the "cleans" on my side are actualy this pickup in this goldtop. The Les Paul shown in the...
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    Pedal Acquisition Syndrome PAS group

    couple of weeks ago I posted that this tread made me want to buy a T-rex Mudhoney. So I did :) HNPD :)
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    Need a new Distortion Box

    Forget the zoom all together. I'd go for a Brunetti Mercury Box every day of the week. Magnificent!!
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    Dimarzio conversion?

    Here are 2 pictures of the gig last monday night.
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    Dimarzio conversion?

    So, i've been busy lately. Did have a gig with the goldtop. Went crazy!! but at high volumes I did found myself quite irritated on the lack of output compared to what I am used to with the Bluesbucker. I spoke with a friend, wich has his own pro studio. We will shoot some material soon. After...
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    Dimarzio conversion?

    So, last Friday I have tested it thouroly and here are my findings. The converted pickup basicly sound awsome!! nothing wrong with it. cleans are clean as I love to hear it. Lead tones are just what i was aiming for. Clear but round and nice rolling drive sound. (video will follow) Pickup...
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    I noticed that the SD's trembuckers are indeed wider in dimension then Dimarzio's F-spaced models. Not talkin' bout the pole's here but the outer dimensions on the top of the bobins. But in the end the will fit your standard humbucker ring. The DS's will go a bit tighter though.
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    Dimarzio conversion?

    My workday ends in about 10 minutes. I am superstoked to plug in this guitar tonight! :)
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    Belated NGD, all the mods are done. 2016 Trad

    Great job and nice guitar!!! BUT... I agree with 1all's ... there should be a poker chip. it's now lookin' like a babe without tits.
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    Dimarzio conversion?

    Ok, so,... see the attachments.
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    Dimarzio conversion?

    So,.. the cover came in the mail yesterday. Inmediatly sanded it down with 1000 grit so it would'nt shine that much en would have a more vintage vibe to it. Mounted it on the HFH. Allmost perfect fit. Holes in the cover seem a bit large for the polepieces and a tiny bit wider spaced. But I can...
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    Desperatly lookin' for an Dimarzio F-spaced Air Zone zebra or black

    Desperatly lookin' for an Dimarzio F-spaced Air Zone zebra or black
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    FS: Gibson 496R Humbucker

    Will also trade for Dimarzio Air Zone F-spaced black or Zebra
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    FS: Gibson 496R Humbucker

    SOLD! Gibson 496R humbucker. Has been played in my goldtop after I converted the P90's to humbuckers. This was a temporary solution until I found myself the right Dimarzio. Dimarzio came in last Friday, still awaiting the nickel cover. 496R is at this point stil in the goldtop but will be...
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    Dimarzio conversion?

    FF I will let you know. And I will post a video of it by then.

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