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    My first BURST to start 2021

    I LOVE to see guitarists get their dream guitar and the ensuing excitement and enthusiasm. Ben, you've made some savvy moves, and I certainly wish the best for you and the pursuit of your dreams. Enjoy in good health!
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    How much is “just in our heads” ?

    Newer Kluson copies have nylon bushings in them, so yes, they could do something to the tone.
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    Car bomb in downtown Nashville?

    Joe is in NY. His Instagram account has his Nashville surveillance video footage of the blast. This seems like a lone-wolf "Unibomer" or metal illness/meds type scenario to me. \
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    Is this legit?

    It was clearly Grovered at some point....Not unusual that multiple replaced tuners look a little wonky...
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    ‘59 TV Junior on Reverb

    I'm not sure which of these two jokes is ahead.... $6K? For a clearly over-sanded poorly refinished LP Jr.? Authenticated by Tom Whitrock? I :love: Reverb humor.
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    Incoming 57 GT

    The "Nite Owl" sounds as good as you could possibly want a PAF Les Paul to sound. :thumb:
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    Best shop for refin/wood work for vintage guitars

    You got that right. That's about as good as you could possibly hope for.
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    That's so killer! Thanks for posting. Hard to beat an early Charvel! :thumb:
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    1958 Les Paul Special at Goodwill

    With all used items for sale, there are outliers. Items that fall outside an established and/or expected price. I just watched an old Gibson display item sell for 2X what the highest price I have ever seen another advertised for. Is this the "new" market price? Highly doubtful. If I thought...
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    Let's see that bad boy!!!!!! :dude:
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    I stumbled across this funny photo of 5150 with the cliched "Les Paul Custom" blueprint on the wall.
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    Classic EVH.
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    Truly devastated.
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    EVH dead at 65

    Truly devastated.
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    What case is this

    Definitely late 50's Gibson Les Paul Case. Median price roughly $1,500 in that condition. Not what is considered a "proper" Cali case, though many refer to it as such.

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