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    Any Toto fans?

    Yes, they are basically a long living super group. I also love his solo albums...
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    Any Toto fans?

    Thank you!! there is a whole album out, but with original songs, this is the only cover.. Enjoy!
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    Any Toto fans?

    Hi folks, my band did a Toto cover for I will remember. Recently we made a play through video. We have a guest singer on this one, Dino Jelusc - USA folks might know him from the Transsibberian orchestra tour from last couple of years.
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    Zebra PU's lest see em'

    95. Custom :)
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    White Customs are COOL!!

    Let me join the party, and resurrect this thread :)
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    Post your Explorer!

    2006. IMG_2412 by IvanChaos, on Flickr
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    YOU and your Les Paul LIVE on stage !!!

    Chicks dig white LPCs :) Cheers!
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    MKH Epiphone - Active pickups with 500kOhm killpot?

    i thought they were using the solderless pots and everything...
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    NAD: Yamaha THR10C I did it!!

    How's the usb recording working? is it usable for putting down ideas etc.?
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    Show us your WHITE GUITARS !

    Here's my collection.. 2008 custom, and 2006 V and Exp
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    Anyone replace their LP Custom's 490r/498t pups? if so with what?

    I've put duncan distortion in the bridge position with the gold cover, looks stock but delivers the brootal :)
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    Playing John Petrucci (music-man) solo with the LP

    this is great! nice playing dude

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