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    Norlins in their natural habitat (getting played live!)

    Thanks:thumb: Those are the original T-tops. When I got this guitar the original covers were gone. To protect the sides from T-tops a little bit I put those open frames over them :fingersx: I think it looks cool :naughty:
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    NGD Thx to Kris 77 LP Standard !

    Naturals rules :headbanger: Verry nice axe!!! Enjoy :thumb:
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    Backing out J.Page Wiring Setup?

    I have a Epi Lp with a JP wiring set-up. I thought it would be nice to try. I play the Epi only at home to practise. Like you, I am no wizard to. I never use it. I don't like the in or out of phase sound in any combination of the set-up. The bridge is a BB III and the neck a '57. The BB III...
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    Opinions on Low Frets

    It all depends on your playing style. I love low frets and low action. As a blues player I bend a lot. never have any problem. Use hybrids. I have small hands. Play a lot finger style. I love that feel. No speed bumps. You easily slide from note to note and bend it up and let it sing. :) Just...
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    Natural Norlin Appreciation Thread

    My 1980 natural Custom. With the original T-tops. It official kills :cool: When I bought it it didn't had the original covers so I put those frames one to protect the open T-tops from the side. Looks cool to me :naughty: Great pictures here..Let's see more for Buzz:thumb: R.I.P Buzz....
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    New Caps on a 1981 Natural Standard w/Shaws

    Great guitar. I love it :)
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    NGD: 2010 Gibson Byrdland

    Great guitar. Congrats and enjoy!!!! :)
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    Thinking about getting a custom....

    Hey JM2112. Can I check in for the natural Customs :naughty::fingersx:
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    What's your favourite Les paul custom color?

    I rest my case :fingersx:
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    1979 Custom - Can this be original?

    Tar backs 100% I have them in my ES 335 Artist from '79 Great pickups Nice git btw
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    Norlin Hatred

    Wouw!!!!!:shock: That is a killer one :wow::wow:
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    It's a Norlin, But...

    Wouw!!! That is a looker!!! Enjoy!!!

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