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    New Guitar Daze - NGD x 3

    Dang, dude. Just DANG.
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    Finish Crack LPC Headstock

    ^What AR said. Not terribly uncommon either, sadly. There've been dozens of these postings throughout the years here. Ancient (Gibson) guitars, and newer. A characteristic of lacquer finish. Edit: *And overzealous tuner-tightenings.
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    Drill press (maybe bits) recommendations?

    It appears you've eliminated the bits as the problem if you've tried other brands of bits with the same results. Sounds more like the drill presses' main shaft is bent. It's done. One can usually find decent enough benchtop DP's in their local classified sections (Craigslist/Marketplace) for...
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    Current production P90 specs (USA Original Collection) - anyone know?

    Personally, I'd flip 'em. I have no idea if that has any effect on the hum-cancelling of the two when in the middle position (I just don't get that reverse winding stuff, as I'm a dolt when it comes to electronics). Have you tried just lowering the neck and raising the bridge to balance? I...
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    If I was to make a dc jr with a humbucker I would?

    But then, no one would like you for putting a humbucker into a perfectly good Junior.
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    Ebony boards

    I think it looks fantastic. Wouldn't touch it if it were me, if you're asking opinions.
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    New les paul. Tough decision, need help

    Yeah, this all day long. The description, alone, had me sold. What's more punk (and beautiful) than a mineral-streaked grainy Lester that "nobody* wants"? *Excepting us really cool folk.
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    NGD GLP Custom Classic Gold Top 2011

    Those things are killer, man. Congrats!
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    Folded steel guitars made in Germany

    Ahhhhh.... the ol' P.T. Barnam guitar! Have fun, kids!
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    Epiphone Casino Coupe Questions

    I had considered that, but how did you re-mount the pups to the covers? Solder?
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    Epiphone Casino Coupe Questions

    Bear in mind that the dogear pickups on the Coupe are metal and the pickup is SOLDERED to the metal cover. It is not an easy pup swap kinda thing. The metal covers are bent to fit the contour of the arched body too. Good luck with what you decide, but be warned.
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    Neck Adjustment

    My friend, I haven't a clue. Not at all familiar with Epi guitars. Models, types. Nada. Since it's a new guitar, check the website with the model name (or just Google it) and you should get some specs, one way or the other. Glad you're enjoying her!
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    Neck Adjustment

    You're welcome! And, I'm glad you had the initiative to check first. I've seen WAY too many threads here where that practice was not adhered to and man-o-man, way too many "Sorry. Too late, pal." stories. Beaks my heart. Rock that beastie, and throw a pic of it in here sometime. :yesway...
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    The Music Zoo M2M R9 with CC2 Colletti Neck

    I'd have a go. Wagering it's stunning in real life.
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    Neck Adjustment

    As you look from the headstock toward the bridge, it is just like a screw/nut and bolt. So, yes, "Lefty-loosey"/"Righty-tighty". Tightening (right turn) will counter the tension of the strings, thereby straightening the fretboard/neck, and thereby bringing the neck to the same straightness of...

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