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    3D pop/effect finish question

    It's difficult to see what you're pointing out in a picture, but a lot of it....most of it....has to do with the piece of wood itself and how it was cut. You're not going to "ruin it" if you refinish it, unless you were to sand down past whatever figuring the wood was revealing..which would be...
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    Tuning Problems With New Epi Lep Std 60s

    Everyone that owns a guitar should also own a set of nut files. Doesn't have to be an expensive, pro-set, but if you're comfortable changing strings, then you'll do fine with the files. I take a couple soft passes through each slot with the appropriate file every time I change strings. Keeps...
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    2015 Les Paul Special Double Cut P90 Not Staying In Tune Question?

    Yeah it could be all 3. The G-force, I always thought, was really cool......and fun......but only when it was brand new. No way it was designed to be able to handle consistent playing, hence the reason Gibby stopped using in and most people took it off. It really was cool to be able to push a...
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    Which router for cavities?

    I carve my tops with that same chainsaw.........sales have been really down this year? Must be Covid. It's already been hashed out, but the floor switch above is not a "Dead-mans-switch", simply an on/off. I have one for my mitre saw, simply because the switch went bad. Dead-man's, as Peter...
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    Carving a top for the first time, need help

    I think it's a smidge easier to do the carve steps first. You have a flat plane to lay your templates on that way. If you cut your neck angle first, then your templates will be wonky and wonky isn't good when the router is turned on.
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    My (first) Build Journal

    You can take it much thinner than you think. 1/4" is plenty wood. Don't forget, however, to leave in the supporting areas where the tailpiece posts will go, end strap buttons, etc. etc. Take out all you can because a heavy guitar usually stays in the closet!
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    Newby question

    I live in Florida, 3 miles off the coast on the Gulf....never had an issue in the 30 years I've been here. Now, like others have suggested, I still keep my guitars in their least the ones I paid the most for, i.e. my 2 Gibbys. I've got builds that live out in my "shop/shed" where...
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    01 Gibson LP DC with Crack Help

    Are you 100% sure it just hasn't been dropped by you? Anyone else in the home, because it sure looks like it's taken a fall. Hard enough hit might even twist those tuners out of alignment. It'll be interesting to see what the grain is like under the finish. Keep us posted.
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    Mitre Angle for Wood Binding

    I've gotten to where I "cut" more mitre angles on binding by simply sanding it by hand on my straight sanding board, both pieces, until I get it where it looks good. It's quicker and always more accurate, for some reason, than trying to actually use a mitre box, etc.
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    Hardwood prices in the USA(Florida area)

    Stuff I'm finding in Florida has been extremely heavy, ugly and not cheap. Hoping it gets better come Spring
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    Back/Top thickness question -- Semi-hollow realm

    It actually worked out pretty good until the Hurricane hit that flooded out my shop and ruined several guitar bodies/builds. It's a little more involved than an LP when you carve one of these, but not that much.
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    What do ya think? Fake?

    What a change of direction, lol. Good luck in "the hunt", OP
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    Good acoustic for $1000?

    Congrats on the purchase, looking forward to the pics. I just pulled the trigger on a G45 Studio, so I'm hoping I love it. If not, that's what "return shipping" is for, lol. We all know that when you love a guitar, you'll play it more and more, so here's to hoping this one is "the one".
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    Should i return my new Gibson?

    I have to say, I just purchased my Classic from Sweetwater, mainly because they post pictures of the actual guitar, and not the marketing pics. For me, it makes a difference, and I'm very, very happy with my purchase. Everyone has their own experience, of course, but I figured I would just...
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    Differemces between different examples of the same model.

    I've always believed a guitar has to be "played into shape", which is a drawback every time I purchase a new one. I've had plenty that out-of-the-box I just didn't like, but withing a month of daily playing, different guitar entirely. So it's tough when you're trying to decide "do I keep it or...

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