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    What do you think about this top?

    Flat flames is ok. Love yours.
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    Who offers the brightest creme plastics for Les Pauls?

    Check the all parts and dimarzio, another good is rs guitarworks.
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    Does my 94 les paul classic have a 500T bridge?

    Probably yes. 500t have that output range and the look. The 498t has less output check it out This is my original ceramic pups of my classic, both looks the same (neck / bridge). Check yours.
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    Dating this Les Paul Classic

    First number its the year so yes, 97 almost certainly. And its in a good shape!
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    My Classics. Please post yours!

    Wow... Nothing bad with covers. This is mine, 2005 honey burst.
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    “Downgrading” From an R8. What Should I Look For?

    I come with no cháchara for you. Get a 90's les paul std or 00's standard premium pre 2006. Another candidate maybe a traditional pre 2011.
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    HNGD! Standard '50s

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    Should i return my new Gibson? #3

    You should keep your first lp custom.
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    1997 Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus

    Great! Congrats.
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    Gary Moore Tone?

    Just check it out this>
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    New Gibson Les Pauls - what happened?

    New les pauls are probably good but a 20 years old (or more) les paul its different taste. I suspect actual nitro lacquer change to another formula. And the wood source.
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    Switch a short neck tenon into a long tenon

    All depends of the wood tone quality your choose for a guitar neck and incidence note, if you have a regular tone in that neck your now long tenon means nothing. There are good les pauls with short and long tenon, wood tone quality matter and result in a good guitar sustain and tone. More than...
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    Mystery Epi Elite Custom

    Original, open book series.
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    The new Gibson Std's 60-50's are the same as the traditionals?

    Buy used lp from 90's or early 2000. I dont like the actual gibson because I see too much plastic alike lacquer, not the same mojo like 90's o early 2000 lps. Just a personal taste.
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    Wildwood Select 50's incoming-Updated pics!

    3d flame. :dude:

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