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    Who’s Les Paul Tone Are You Really Liking Right Now?

    As has already been mentioned, Gary's tone on the live track Separate Ways from the Blues Alive video. The extended intro played on Stripe often reminds me of the Allman Bros Live at Fillmore East in many regards,especially when he uses the volume control to add shading to the song. Classic LP...
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    Famous and rare Washburns

    Two incredibly rare 1993 Washburn Steve Stevens guitars formerly in the private collection of ex-CEO of Washburn Rudy Schlager and the present owner is offering them for sale. First is a Washburn SS 80 Barbarella graphic by Jim O'Connor, built for Steve Stevens but he left the company before it...
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    Gary Moore

    Just announced a Fender Custom Shop Gary Moore Tribute '61 Fiesta Red Stratocaster: about time and what an iconic Strat!! Emerald
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    Gary Moore

    Here is some light reading for you chaps, from my Facebook post on the Gary Moore page a collection of quotes from articles about Gary Moore and with some commentary from me: About being a 'guitar hero'...or not? "Well, it's something I'm labeled with, but if you listen to the albums they...
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    1952 Gibson P90's

    You know I no longer have the guitar unfortunately and Dr. Vintage surely measured them when he fitted his vintage controls to the guitar, but I don't have these... in the above 8K range I would estimate as they weren't as hot as my 1954 Junior's pickup, but were more mellow sounding and...
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    1952 Gibson P90's

    Here are some pictures of my "52-6 conversion with the original 1952 soap bars: Hope these help! Emerald
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    Orange Micro Dark Terror

    Great demo from Laura Cox: Emerald
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    Formula 1 fans already know...

    Vettel and Kimi taking it to the Mercs, why Vettel stayed on Super Softs after red flag cost the race, then slow pit stop soct him 2nd place......grrr! Emerald
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    Top 10 Les Paul's Ranked?

    Definitely Gary Moore's Stripe!! Emerald
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    Phil Lynott & Gary Moore Walking onstage..BLURRY BURST Content

    Moore Lizzy on St. Patrick's Day can't be bad, from Black Rose '79 tour booklet: Emerald
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    Phil Lynott & Gary Moore Walking onstage..BLURRY BURST Content

    Here are some shots of Lizzy from the Day on the Green, 1974 Top of the Pops Emerald
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    Gary Moore

    Back in 2011 a video popped up on You Tube featuring Gary Moore and band from the 1987 world tour playing in Japan. This is a version of "Over The Hills and Far Away recorded in Tokyo. There aren't many videos both official and unofficial from the '87 tour. Also the intro to this song he is...
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    Gary Moore

    Midnight,I just managed to see the magazine first hand at a bookstore. Wish the whole edition had been dedicated to Gaza! One of my English mates has the magazine in the post to me which was a nice gesture. Just a thought ,Vic DaPra the famous burst collector/author apparently is building...
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    Gary Moore

    Midnight, it was my understanding from those who know that Gary had at least several Collectors Choice #1/Gary Moore Aged. In the video is Artists Proof #3 with hang tags still on. I know for a fact that Gary received #1 of the Collectors Choice and can be seen playing it on the Montreux DVD...
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    Anyone attend the 1992 LA gig by Gary Moore?

    I contacted the seller and he indeed attended the Gary Moore concert in LA!

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