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    Yeah, Bowie really had something. I even like the Diamond Dogs album. Check out this earlier cut with Mick Ronson killing it live.
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    #1 Holy Grail

    The one on the left
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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

    My bad. I did not realize this thread was just for Epiphones. I will remove the pic. My mistake.
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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

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    Single Cuts with maple necks made today?

    The Gibson L6S is still in production.
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    Becoming Led Zeppelin

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    Sippin' some bourbon

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    My holygrail multi-piece top Norlin Standard. Post yours!

    My ‘70 routed deluxe. All the wrong stuff and my favorite guitar in the world. Gets a decent Beano tone out a an overdriven Marshall. It currently has Duncan Antiquities.
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    Vitamix 5200
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    What do you think is the best Marshall amp ever made?

    I have a 1980 JMP Mk2 Master Model 100 watt lead head that sounds great, Les Paul or Tele. It has only two inputs but has a master volume. That distortion beats any pedal I have bought.
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    Sold - Please Delete

    Very unique and beautiful. Inspiring.

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