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    AC/DC is the Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever

    daughtry did more over breakfast this morning than anything ac/dc ever did.
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    new xbox: anyone gonna try a preorder?

    I hit the pre order button today on the series x.
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    2020 SG Classic Inverness Green

    I love that finish. wish they put that finish on a lp.
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    Epiphone 57CH technical analysis

    that was a super interesting read.
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    Recommend a good movie on netflix

    midnight gospel, If it hasn't been mentioned...
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    Chrome browser on an android - keyboard issues

    omg, I thought I was the only one with the back space problem.
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    Guess that breed

  8. elephantrider

    Guess that breed

    I get an error when trying to upload a pic. it's actually something I'm used to hearing and says it's too big to upload.
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    How I Deal With Kids Playing in My Driveway

    I was going to say m80's
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    Does truth matter any more?

    I thought facts mattered. :rofl:
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    How much does your Norlin weigh?

    my 75 deluxe weighs 11.3lbs.
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    New member in TX.

    welcome, from a fellow texan!
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    1979 Tokai LS-60 Makeover

    man that top looks fab!!

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