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    RIP Reed Mullin from Corrosion of Conformity

    been listening to those guys for years.
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    All the cool guitar shapes taken? Seriously ....

    I have always appreciated the ibanez talman body style. it's probably the most comfy guitar I own.
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    Why doesn't Epiphone properly advertise the woods that they use?

    another funny read. thanks for necro posting this one.
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    BYO Blizzard of '59 Humbuckers

    I have a set in my tribute and love em!
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    Show of hands on who's doing a pre-order on a 2020?

    pre ordered a pelham blue modern and will get a 59 as well.
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    Need some advice from MLPF - What would you do and am I am complete ass?

    been through it. your doing the right thing. hang in there.
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    NGD LP Special DC

    I have the same model and love it. one of the fun-est guitars I've played.
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    didn't feel anything in central texas.
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    My new Gibson Les Paul Modern

    THEE best color combo. fabulous.
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    2019 LP JR Tribute DC-Mods

    yah what's the scoop on the pg? I changed the tuners on mine, pg is next.
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    Do you feed your dog...

    my two danes get kibble and gravy only. peanut butter for pills. pig ear treats. they've never tasted humans or human food.
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    Incoming Les Paul Modern Faded Pelham Blue

    that is NICE.
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    TOOL Appreciation Thread

    went to see these guys tuesday night. they still rock the house.
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    a vintage burst will be a future purchase.
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    Those of You Who Think That Epiphones is Almost as Good as Gibsons

    I bought my dad one of those and he loves it. as for me, I have both gibson and epi. and hofner. and ibanez. and tokai... I love em all.