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    NGD - I own a Tele now

    Beautiful.....Congrats on your 1st Tele !!
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    HNGD Hollowbody!

    Beautiful !!! HNGD to you !! :thumb:
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    It Ain't Much, but....

    Looks hot, Congrats !!!
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    NGD Deluxe Roadhouse Strat. First Fender!

    Congrats on your first Fender, play the $hit out of it.
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    Another Scott Grove?

    Or he uses both hands to rub out, and enjoys a hands free application. :laugh2:
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    Holy Sh!t! Happy Birthday, Steve Gangi

    Happy Belated Birthday !!!
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    NGD 2nd time around

    Damn, that looks sweet Pontiac
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    I really can't believe I did this today...

    Not being an Iphone/Smartphone owner yet, myself, i'm looking into the credit card swiping thing for my business...i'm really leaning towards getting a laptop instead to help with sales pics/jobs/hardware scenarios versus trying to explain an item to a customer, and just having a card reader to...
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    Emotional day

    Wishing you the best HB, you've always been nothing but polite and kind here at MLP. May better fortune come your way. :thumb:
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    Inherited a house built in 1910..yikes

    Look closely, inside, at some of your electrical connections...plug in, light fixture, check for aluminum wiring & hope you don't find any. You want to see copper looking wire. Congrats btw :thumb:
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    Wish me luck -- getting to get operated

    Good luck man, you'll be fine !!!!
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    My bedroom rig

    Bedroom rig Get well soon :thumb:
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    NGD Dudes!

    Diggin' it Shred.....hope you love back !!
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    Would you do this on stage?

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    The overpoulation issue

    :lol: :laugh2: :lol:

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