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    An Old Friend Returns Home......

    Congrats man! It's always cool to hear stories like this, the same sort of thing happened for me with a Burny Randy Rhoads model I bought/sold/bought back years later. That's a great era for LP Classics BTW, yours is a real stunner. The top is just beautiful, they were using some choice woods...
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    Canada Sellers Thread

    WTB a cheap Jackson, definitely non-trem, preferably a King V shape but open to others. Looking to stay in the $400 and under price point. Open to other brands, just looking for something kinda shred-y and without a tremolo.
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    WTB: Jackson SLSMG or MIJ Jackson/Charvel

    Hey MLPers, I've been bitten by the shredder bug again and am looking for a nice hardtail super-strat. I've got my sight set on a Jackson SLSMG in particular but am open to other MIJ goodness as well. Let me know what you've got!
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    Les Paul Melody Maker

    Congrats! I picked up one in the Charcoal finish and love it - needed a P90 backup for my SG and it fit the bill nicely. I used to be a total elitist when it came to LP's - only really wanted a hog neck, full thickness body, binding etc. But man, the slim body and light weight really makes...
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    $100,000 Norlin?

    Joe Perry played it one time. With his hands. Think of the mojo! A guitar is a guitar, but can you really put a price on mojo? Of course you can. Any less than 15k per finger is a steal.
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    Duncan Distortions in a Les Paul

    Used to use one in the bridge position with a '59 in the neck in a couple LP studios I had - loved the thickness and drive it gave to Marshall style amps, similar low end to a 500T or 498T but with a lot more clarity. Totally woke up the sound of those guitars.
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    Looking for drum machine

    I've been eyeing up the Akai Tomcat since it came out...looks perfect IMO.
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    100 watts Not Enough

    I owned a VM 100 watter for a while, and while I thought it sounded great I had the exact same issue during loud practices. Just didn't have any more to give after about 4 on the master. Both the 50 watt Soldano I replaced it with, as well as the SL-X 100 watt I have now are in another world as...
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    NGD: Kramer 84 (Musicyo NOS)

    Please do! :thumb: It's about time this forum saw some more Kramer love, being a Gibson owned brand and all. Also the stars are bicycle decals, so they're reflective - it's gonna look great under stage lights.
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    NGD: Kramer 84 (Musicyo NOS)

    Have everything dialed in perfectly, set up like a dream, it's just impeccable now. Re-wired the volume pot so it doesn't get muddy when you roll it down. Happier than a pig in ****. Playing a David Bowie tribute night next week, already got my costume. Not a perfect match, (much less orange in...
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    NGD Thx to Kris 77 LP Standard !

    That thing is dreamy, congrats!
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    NGD: Kramer 84 (Musicyo NOS)

    After a month of agonizing over it's safe arrival, and after a while thinking it might not happen, it's surreal to actually have the thing in my hands. The pickup on these older MusicYo era ones is a Gibson 84T, and while it's close to a JB it's definitely a lot warmer in the high end - I...
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    NGD: Kramer 84 (Musicyo NOS)

    Well, it finally showed up! Picked it up from the post office just after noon - after all the futt-buckery they put me through the lazy bastards couldn't be bothered to even attempt home delivery. I see an "attempted delivery" update on the tracking page at 7:55am. I was awake, no sign of them...
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    Fake Ibanez JEM

    ugh. that's truly deplorable. a buddy of mine brought one of those back from a vacation in China, he paid $100 and they threw in two legit Planet Waves satch straps!! It sucked on every level, but made a great decoration.

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