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    Gibson Custom Shop R9 neck angle question?

    That looks very low to me, lower than normal. But glad it still works! that should be one easy to play guitar.
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    NGD… I had to do it!

    Wow!! I usually prefer to see the wood over solid colors, but that blue is dazzling! Looks very ‘50s! super cool!
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    FA: Throbak LTD NOS wire paf humbucker

    I'm not even sure what these go for. I can't find any other recents for sale at all.
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    FA: Throbak LTD NOS wire paf humbucker

    Really cool sounding pickup and hard to find anymore. I think they’re the closest to my real PAFs.
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    NGD! Custom Shop R8 Iced Tea Flames

    Beauty and cool story about getting it back! Enjoy that thing!
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    How loud are you guys running your amps?

    I run my modified tweed deluxe at about 2-3 at home with kids but I’ve got a lower voltage power transformer, little different output transformer and low efficiency speaker. So basically maxed out to turn up without kids complaining.
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    A small rant about Gibson pickups from a Gibson fan

    I think Gibson missed the boat decades ago and now it’s too late with so many great winders out there. The best Gibson could hope for would be to match Throbak etc. Bit all those options will still be out there. It’s too late for them to be head and shoulders above the rest any more, so why...
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    Nine Inch Nails Destroys $160,000 worth of Les Pauls

    Whether it was Townsend or anyone else, I always hate seeing stars smash guitars. Back when I was a kid and poor, I’d just think ‘NOOOOO! Send it to me if you’re gonna do that!’ Just killed me when I couldn’t even think of owning a nice guitar. Still hate guitar destruction.
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    How do you address having the bridge pickup with less volume?

    Yeah this is the battle with most les Pauls. some options: 1) Lower neck, as mentioned 2) swap in a weaker magnet in the neck to lessen the output 3) put stronger magnet in the bridge 4) replace one or more pickups 5) you can also reduce the strength of the neck pickup magnet without...
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    Hello MLP - long time no see….. NGD - 2017 R8

    Gorgeous! And I like the natural backs better than the usual red. Great one!!
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    Guitar World does nice write-up on Murphy Labs

    For the chunk of change Gibson is asking for these, the issues mentioned in the article are inexcusable. For that much these should be impeccable. I’m not used to paying that much for any kind of new guitar, that’s vintage money to me. Yeesh.
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    NGD - finally authentic again :)

    Love that color!
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    My First Supro is here!

    Looks just like my ‘52 supro spectator but in black! that’s a fun sized amp! You can put it anywhere and recording is a dream. Easy to mic and surround with blankets etc.
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    2x12 cabs

    Just my .02$ but if I only ever played at home I’d have no use for a 2x12. I’d rather use a 1x12 and be able to turn my amp up slightly more before annoying the neighbors.
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    Testing the 1M vs. 500K pot effect w/o a 1M pot

    If you run with no pots and your pickup goes straight to the output jack, you will have the brightest tone. There will be no load (leakage to ground) on your pickup signal. As a load increases on a signal, the highs are the first thing to do. Then mids become more pronounced as well.

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