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    NGD: Ibanez Prestige

    I bet she plays great!
  2. El Pablo

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

    Congrats on the buy. How does it compare to Steve Steven's model? That is the one I was very impressed with during a auick demo. Thanks. Mike
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    The best American band of the last 30 years...

    Foo Fighters for me.
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    Rare 1989 Fender Strat Plus

    So nice! I have the same model in black. Those are super.
  5. El Pablo

    I Refinished my Studio Shred

    Very nice job!
  6. El Pablo

    NGD 2017 Traditional

    Whoa!!!! She's a beauty Clark. I love it! Just my opinion, but leave pg off.
  7. El Pablo

    What song says "Gibson" to you?

    The entire Love at First Stung Album by The Scorpions.
  8. El Pablo

    Picture fun

    Tough choice. Maybe if it was in a Hallmark Card, I would pic 2. All are really nice.
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    Whats your favorite go to hot sauce?

    Schlotskys makes an excellent hot sauce.
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    Post a cool picture.......

    My boy loves the barn cat! He is extremely gentle. They are true friends.
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    Les paul over PRS

    It's a hard no for me. The CE is very versitale. Save your money and regrets. For what you are paying extra, you could buy a very nice Studio and enjoy both worlds. Or, just keep saving and get a Standard, Traditional or Classic. There is no need for a hasty decision.
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    RIP Jerry Stiller

    Big Fan. RIP. Darn 2020!

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