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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    Most likely MIJ. I've seen a few, but are rare. It is similar to the bolt on Grecos, with one screw at the back and two screws on the tennon, inside the neck pickup cavity.
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    It doesn't look like a 700 to me. The body looks hollow and with feb, more of a 500.
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    Problem identifying Epiphone les paul japan / gibson veneer

    It's a '98, that's for sure! Made by Fujigen in Japan! But I can't be sure what name you 'll find under that Gibson headstock veneer, cause 1998 was the year they changed from Orville to Epiphone, iirc! Eitherway, it was made by the same people in the same factory and I'm sure it's a good...
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    Greco les paul standard or custom

    The standard looks like a EG450 or 500 with a plywood top and the custom is Korean. Both low end Grecos, the first from the 70's the custom from the 90's.
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    Keith Richard's Gibson

    Your welcome! The L5S is not one of the most well known or recognisable body shapes and it looks a bit weird!
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    Left handed Greco!! Need help Identifying if it is legit and MIJ!

    If it is a 70's EG-900, it should have an ebony fretboard, mother of pearl inlays and Dimarzio pickups. Your inlays are obviously mother of pearl and the fretboard looks like ebony, but we 'll need closer and better pictures to be certain.
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    Keith Richard's Gibson

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    What is this?

    No, it's not a fake! It's a MIJ bolt-on Epi, with one bolt in the back and two extra on the tennon, in the neck pickup cavity! I think these were made by Fujigen, early to mid 90's and built similarly to low end Greco LPs of the time!
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    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    Nah! An early 90's Greco maybe? Could also be a Burny!
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    Greco EG700 1978 v Ibanez 1977 LP

    What is that thing, between the bridge and the bridge pickup? Piece of tape? My vote for Greco!
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    The Unofficial Official Anything ESP Edwards & Navigator Theory, Photo, & ID Thread

    Yes, they are stock! Sh1/Sh4 and yellow/orange binding leads to a E-LP-98LTC lacquer taste (lacquer over poly)
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    New black beauty day! Greco 1990 Mint Collection!

    No, the wiring channels are not routed different on a Custom! These guitars were just made in different factories! OP's was made in Terada factory, yours made by Fujigen!
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    New black beauty day! Greco 1990 Mint Collection!

    Yes, they did! Actually it's an EGC-600! The EGC-700 was the three pickup model of the time. Looks great, enjoy!
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    Greco Mint Collection (1990)

    The pickups are 70's Maxons and were usually found in 70's Grecos! Yours should have Screamin'82 pickups! So pickups are not original, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! Many prefer the 70's Maxons over the Screamins, including myself! Also the original pots and the 3 braided wires, that...

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