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    How many backup pedals do you have?

    No dual copies of any pedal, but I have six different tremolo units and eleven OD/fuzz/distortion units.
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    NGD Gibson Explorer B-2

    I love my used 2018 Explorer (Antique Natural, Burstbuckers) but the damn case is so heavy and it's such a struggle to lift it out and then maneuver it flat that I just... don't. It's not flawless but I didn't expect that.
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    Anybody have a cheap guitar that is a lifetime never seller?

    Same thread for me, too. I'm keeping it, because it ain't worth nuthin' :D
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    Somebody has a thing for P90s

    A P-90 in Canada is $145 and I passed on a pair for $175 ($127 US) because I have no guitar to put them into :(
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    Has anyone seen this finish (gold to silver sparkle)?

    Looks similar to a Gold Burst circa 1981 but with a lighter finish. 1981 Gold Burst And apparently the finish was quite fragile, which would explain the head stock flaking. Any writing in the pickup or control cavities? Have you phoned Gibson to see if they can tell you anything by the serial...
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    How does mahogany age?

    I'm guessing that my Vintage Sparkling Burgundy SG would become Sparkling Brown if I left it out of the case. I saw a photo of a '68 ES-355 TD that looks like a dark gold top now. But I won't be here in 52 years, so...
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    Somebody has a thing for P90s

    I had to devise my own mount, and I sort of wrecked the guard, but what I got is a plywood Junior with a Fender scale :laugh2: P-90s are way more fun than a humbucker or a Strat or Tele pup. I don't mind the hum.
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    Somebody has a thing for P90s

    I posted these before but I replaced the metal knobs, covers and tip on the MM with plastic. Decided I needed a new pic. The Bullet used to have a humbucker and just a volume control. I changed that...
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    My First P90 LP..An Absolute Dream

    I had a P-90 GT Tribute but it has mini hums now. I need another P-90 GT, I guess.
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    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    Mango from south of Durango, where no one does the tango.
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    Badass movie speeches

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    Happy Birthday LtDave!

    Happy Birthday, Dave!
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    I ain’t never apologizing for nothing

    I can't think of anything to apologize for. I'm sorry.
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    Beer Review

    When I was still delivering magazines and beer, we once in a while were sent beer from broken cases from returns. I got to try maybe a couple dozen different beers. My main beers are Steam Whistle pilsner and Beau's Lug Tread, a "lagered ale". I tried brown ales, red ales, blond ales, a few...
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    The Ultimate Karen

    You have to read the interviews and articles and not rely on the video. He's a black man in NYC, she's a white woman. Do the math and he's protecting himself from what could be a dangerous situation for him. Police act on a frantic 911 call and use that as primary evidence. He just wanted her to...

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