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    LP Traditional 2015 with regular specs?

    if it has a cover on the back, then it's a Trad Pro (GC exclusive). There was also a limited run for 2015 of "Traditionals" with 61 pickups, HCB 3A flame tops, and a 50s neck, destined for the Japanese Domestic Market. I had one, only paid $1100 for it. It was for all intents and purposes a...
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    Epiphone Custom Black 1989 MIK Korea

    Well, 32 years, but old enough. I’d personally pay maybe 600 or so.
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    Songs you are learning.

    That’s funny lol
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    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    I never understand these posts..... I’ve got both brands, enjoy each for what they do, which is let me play guitar and try to have some assemblance of music.
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    Egnater Quality?

    I have a Tweaker 40 head. I’ve had it about four years. Two years ago it died. Would make this horrible chirp when turning it off if I didn’t use the standby switch. One day it just didn’t turn on. contemplated throwing it in the garbage, but instead, bought a mercury transformer and fixed it...
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    Songs you are learning.

    Been trying to learn some Rolling Stones recently, even though was never a big stones fan.
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    NGD: Inspired by 1955 Les Paul Custom

    These have Gibson p90s. I have one. On par with every Gibson I own as well.
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    SOLD: 2014 Memphis ES Les Paul

    Great price, great guitar.
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    Fender Custom Shop Custom Esquire

    This is sweet
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    Looking for a Gibson Boneyard (Green Tiger)

    Music Zoo had one a few months ago, you may want to give them a call
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    Wow, what a top. I have a blueberry burst with a sick top but yours ranks as the single most intense top I think I’ve ever seen.
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    Guitar Center Question - Epiphone+ More...

    They've been able to maintain stronger pricing due to the recent law changes associated with sales tax on ebay and reverb.
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    Guitar Center Question - Epiphone+ More...

    PS: When a store is physically closed, they have taken the inventory from that store offline completely.
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    Guitar Center Question - Epiphone+ More...

    You're more than likely not going to be able to buy used for the next month or two. Most of GC's physical stores are closed due to the pandemic.
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    FS: 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard T Honeyburst

    Oh my.... I am loving this.

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