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    Les Paul Traditional - Goldtop with P90's!

    really thinking about this.... it checks off a few boxes....
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    Why are R0’s Listed So Much More

    An older g0 maybe, not the most recent series. I have a 15 and a 16 both were better than my 2014 R8 and just as good as my r9. Both cost me 3k+
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    Considering buying a 2012 R0, looking for thoughts on the price.

    What the seller paid is irrelevant to current market value, but it's fairly easy to find out if he's the original owner. Those went for mid 4s (USD) back in 2012, and that is now 7 years ago, so between inflation, item depreciation, and item appreciation, I'd say fair market is still mid 3s...
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    can it be had ?

    What exactly is stripped down about a G0?
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    FT: 2017 Standard Blueberry Burst

    Looking at trade offers for my 2017 Les Paul Standard. I will trade for something of equal value or more. Other LP Standards or Reissues. This has an assymetrical neck with Burstbuckers. Everything as it would come new. Honestly this has seen very little use since I bought it new.
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    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    Comes with case OR bag, lol..... looks like GC asked for custom parts bin models. I actually saw these the day they landed at gc and laughed..... part satin classic, part old standard, let’s give it a special name.
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    1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop SOLD!!!!

    What’s the weight and is the neck thick or thin?
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    FS| Les Paul G0, Gibson ES-346

    The G0s are a steal. I have two and they are a reissue just like all others, and if I weren't shopping for a 58/59, I'd be seriously considering it! GLWS!
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    What year LP Studios are 50's necks?

    I have the same flame deluxe, but 07-08 and yes it’s a 59 neck and best feeling guitar I own.
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    Trade War and used guitar prices

    Prices are up sales are not. I have tried to sell several with ZERO results. "Buy Reissues, they are good investments".... that philosophy has NOT worked out..... LOL
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    Epiphones Getting Gibson Headstock Designs Soon

    who looks at a headstock when playing guitar?
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    Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue R8 2014 Gloss

    Up for sale is this EX 2014 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue. There may be surface swirls or other slight finish imperfections expected of a guitar with very little but some use. Finish: Tea Burst Top: moderately figured flame and grain Body: Mahogony Neck: one piece mahogany hide glue neck...
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    SOLD. 2014 Gibson Les Paul ‘59 Reissue. Beautiful Top.

    Who wants a deal on a 58 so I can buy this one bump