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    ‘56 Inspired Build

    What neck angle are you going to use? I was shooting for a 56ish build and the couple of real ones I saw had a nice shallow angle so the bridge P90 could sit deeper. (mine wasn't a complete scratch build) I slightly misjudged and ended up too shallow. I had to grind a little off the bottom of...
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    1952 Goldtop Neck Set Issues

    I love seeing these old 50s LP with P90s sitting low in the body as they should. Today with the rediculous neck angle they are obnoxiously high.
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    why arent tailpieces slammed anymore

    THIS. Most neck angles today are ridiculous. If you have P90s it's even more obvious and they sit way out of the body. Looks dumb and feels awkward. On a classic burst this isn't an issue because of the neck angle and the narrow bridge.
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    Good P90

    Kinman P90Hx You will never go back. Amazing.
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    Kinman P90Hx Fantastic P90 sound. No hum. Just amazing. Downside is they require deeper rout. It's worth it.
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    Buzz? Always check dimmer switches first

    I would warn against those nasty lighted switches too (so you can find the switch in the dark). Those induce noise even when the switch is off. I removed all of them from my house. We just moved to LED in my kitchen and living rom area (all one open area). I went through testing all kinds of...
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    Southern Rock Tone

    Here is my magic recipe. Any reasonable PAF clones work. You just have to wire the tone knobs so they are not both engaged when in the middle position. for me I chose the treble tone would be ONLY when the treble what selected on it own. otherwise its the same as the neck. The effect is...
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    Do Guitarists Leave Silent Gaps Between Chord When Playing Accompanied?

    Well not all chords butt up against each other with no rests. AND not all chords should fall squarely on beat. When you need them to you often can hit a single root note "On beat" and then strum the rest of the chord. Plan out your chords (which may require inversions) to minimize jumping around.
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    Sand fretboard radius from 12 to 10

    I have a bulldog kit I built years ago that is my workhorse LP. After playing a few PRS guitars I really envy the less flat radius. If I pull the frets and sand the fretboard, will I go through the inlays (standard LP inlay, not dots)? Will they sand easily as wood? Any general advice? I'm in...
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    New style Epiphone Les Paul... SL!

    This might be a fun mod platform. I wonder if those pickup routes are standard fender size for trying out other pickups.
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    Ask Grumpy Old Luthier BCRGreg Thread

    I built a Buldog kit Les Paul several years ago and it's served me well with constant playing, but the frets have worn badly. I have recrowned them a few times and am about to do it again, BUT it's probably the last time. They pretty much match my real LP fretless wonder right now, and I don't...
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    Lowest profile right angle pedal connectors for making cables.

    Excellent! Thanks guys. Definitely going to check out the Sinasoid Slivers. I had a bag of unmarked 3 inch pancake style cables and decided to take a few apart today. I was actually able to solder to those without issues, so I guess if I can ever find that same part I would be OK. They had...
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    Lowest profile right angle pedal connectors for making cables.

    OK. Those low profile pancake style connectors are great when they come premade. Even the cheap Hosa ones are fine. You can buy the ends so you can make custom lengths, BUT the few I have tried haven't worked very well. When you heat up the pin enough to melt the solder it softens the plastic...
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    EH Hum Debugger?

    I have made pedal purchases I regretted before, but this is the top of my list. It sounds horrible. Every note sounds like your kicking a tin shed.
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    Switching - series vs parallel

    But aren't they? How would the inbetween positions be humbucking unless they are out of phase? Isn't that what RWRP means? ( Reverse Wound Reverse Phase). I guess being bother RW and RP cancels itself out so the signal from the strings is in phase but hum is out?

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